Old Games Can Be A Lot Of Fun

Gamegirl reports:

''I know everyone is so hyped up and excited over Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart but those aren't the only games out there. I have actually been watching my boyfriend play some of the old games from the GameCube: Tales of Symphonia and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

I know many gamers aren't "watchers" when it comes to video games. You like to actually be the one playing and you get so frustrated when the person who is playing makes a mistake that you think you could have avoided. But I personally LOVE to just watch people play games sometimes...especially role-playing games because then I could be the one concentrating on this intriguing story line while someone else is doing the hardcore battling and character leveling. Now I am an RPG nut..but I have never played either Tales of Symphonia OR Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles..mainly because I didn't get my GameCube until last year lol (I'm a collector of consoles what can I say?).''

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skynidas3914d ago

Playing Super Mario World on the SNES is always fun

thor3914d ago

I liked it when virgin atlantic had SNESs on their planes :D
Then they replaced it with their own sh1tty system D:

Baka-akaB3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

As a jrpg fans primarily , i keep playing the only (currently alive of course) console worth for it , the PS2 .

In this era of next gen wars and fanboys fighting over who crashes less on gta4 , even new and futures jrpgs such as persona 4 and mana khemia will be regarded as dated , even outdated , but i dont care .

When it comes to JRPG , next gen is currently crap and only promises .
Promises that the wiimote wont be a distraction to possible flaws in Tales of symphonia 2 , and that the game might be as good as the first ...
Promises that SO4 , FF13 and others will be good sequels and new ips...

In the meantime , Lost odyssey was as average as Enchanted arms (except with a bigger budget) , Folklore ,Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata ...

Amanosenpai3913d ago

But... Blue Dragon is not an average RPG... it just SUCKs

Hope on SO4 and FFXIII too

Baka-akaB3913d ago

Well i found Lost odyssey and Blue dragon quite crappy and uninspired .
The lack of inspiration and originality , and the blandness of it all , i could forgive in Enchanted arms and Eternal Sonata , overall far less hyped and with a relatively small budget and goal ... but from such high profiled and hyped titles to be that lame ? No dice!

Harry1903913d ago

Memories,memories....make me happy...

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