EA slowly taking Madden out of the Madden franchise

A Gamertell writer has noticed that the legendary John Madden seems to be slowly slipping out of the videogame franchise that bears his name, speculating that it may be an intentional move by EA. From the article:

"Madden's role has diminished within the game in recent years with new features and load screens focusing more on individual players than on Madden and his expertise. For Madden 09, for example, John Madden's role is reduced even more with color commentary going to Chris Collinsworth across all consoles (in the past, Madden had only been removed in that capacity on next generation consoles)."

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Maddens Raiders4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

why not? They've taken everything else that was good about old school Madden out of the game, so they might as well remove the Hall of Fame coach as well.

The best days of Madden are long gone. The best days were when Summerall and Madden shared the mic, and gameplay was king. The Madden and Al Micheals duo wasn't bad either, but the intro of Tony Bruno marked the beginning of the end. Now, listening to Chris Collinsworth is like listening to a used car salesman talk up a Ferrari. So long, John.

Thanks EA -- seems like everything you touch eventually turns to......

mavent4473d ago

Maybe it's because John Madden is 900 years old and will retire in a couple years...

FCOLitsjustagame4473d ago

I was never a fan of madden since he was over-the-top fanboy over certain players, it was embarrassing...and my god take that clicker away from him. CC would seem to be more balanced but I can’t say as I have spent that much time listening to him. Pat Summerall was king.

At this point I like the college announcers better and the college game more so I don’t even think CC could get me to buy another Madden....but who knows.

DomUltra4473d ago

People still play Madden? Seriously?

dfcm20034473d ago

now if we could just get ea out of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.