Anything good on the Xbox?

Stuart O'Connor reports:

''The console changed how David Amor , the developer behind popular quiz game Buzz!, watches TV''

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alexM3912d ago

RROD ----33% and counting

That grabage box 3 fix me with 0 games for 2008 and beyondis suitable just for REPAIR shops

Harry1903912d ago

I don't think the article is about that.

Homicide3912d ago

Seeing POG whine when his 360 breaks down and has to sent it in to repair.

t-0_ot-3912d ago

Ahahahaha, oh.. wait, I've heard that one before.. -.-

CallOfWar223912d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2, 2 Human, Splinter Cell Conviction, Alan Wake, Fable 2, Halo Wars, GGGGGGGGGGGGGEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZ 222222, And those are just some of the exclusives for 2008. You cant add. Its PS3 that has zero games up until now. And even now their games wont match 360's. MGS4 can't carry the PS3 by itself cuz the rest of the games are average (KZ2, Res 2, Haze) The other few big names are half assed, GT5 Prologue. Atleast 360 doesn't release half of their games then a year later charge people another 60 dollars for the thing people should have been paying for in the first place. 100 dollars of idiots who will buy both versions. You sir are a moron. Zero hahahahah. It has a bigger library than Wii and PS3. Almost as much as both of them put together. Not even now has PS3 has had a superior version of a multiplatform. Face it all that power powerful system that can't even run MGS4 at 60fps. Kojima gave up more money cuz he thought PS3 was so amazing. Then it was too late when he realized it wasn't any more powerful than the 360. O well.

alexM3912d ago


SC--on PC too

ALAN WAKE-=--on PC too

GEARS1 ---on PC too. GEARS 2 will be on PC too

Too Human---LOLL what is that

FABLE2 --will be on PC too. anyway not impressive against WARDEVIL/WKS/FF13

GT5P ---Liufelike sim at 1080P NATIVE at 60 FPS (possible only on PS3)

MGS4---biggest game of 2008

WARDEVIL run at 1080P NATIVE at 60 fps

RR7/NGS too ran at 1080P NATIVE at 60 fps

Howver no GAME i repeat no game on X360 runs at 1080P NATIVE

MGS4 is POSSIBLE only on PS3 ...said by KOJIMA himself

as for money

360 costs 350 $

add wifi =100$

no HDMI 1.3 support

50$ for useless LIVE ( 300$ for 6 years)

no NEXT GEN DVD drive ( MGS4 uses a 50 gig BD disc . x360 has 2$ DVD drive)

above all X360s are 100% DEFECTIVE with 33% RROD rate

that XFIX ME with RROD rate is suitable for ONLY REPAIR SHOPS


vs just GEARS2 on X360 ( but thats on PC too)

Deadman643912d ago

Typical fanboy SH!T! Get a LIFE!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3912d ago

Alex! man that sure is one hell of alor of accounts to log onto just to agree with yourself... XD

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Kaz Hirai3912d ago

If you're into FLOP, the FLOPbox 360 will keep you and your entire family entertained for years! Until Nazisoft decide to RAPE their fanbase once again and abandon it for their next TRAIN WRECK-
The FLOPbox 1080!
"Jump In" to 1080 degrees of FLOP!!!!!

39 days until Judgment Day, Nazisoft!


Xlll3912d ago

Oh look at the wit on blur.... There is a handful if that of games that need an install but look at the outcome. Much better performance then 360. Are you mad your 360 didn't come with a HDD? That you had to pay extra for it? That you can upgrade it with a much bigger HDD? I rather have a Huge line up of killer games this year and have to wait 4 mins on an install the wait on a white box to come in to ship my "console" and wait for it to be sent back every time i play for more then a couple hours. Enjoy waiting on FedEx for you console to return.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3912d ago

After installing, it's............freezing...... reboot......looks like GTAIV is going to load, OH SHI...............freezing again......Sun of a bitc............. there it goes agai............ mother fu................ reboo.............

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jones smokey3912d ago

i am trying to get rockstar to put a patch on gta4 for things like jets pack, chain saws, samuria swords, and the private gets u could use on gta san adreas.....i really miss thoes things even tho i love gta4 it kinda sucked they took thoes things out of it..... the owner of this gaming web site should at this and make it known to take two... and people should also leave comment consering this so they can be aware... =D