The secret scandals in Vitamin X Evolution

Siliconera reports:

''It amazes me sometimes how some potentially controversial titles manage to slip under some sites' radar. Take, for example, the recent Nintendo DS release Vitamin X Evolution. It is a port of a PS2 otome game (dating sim for girls). Every good otome game has a gimmick, and the Vitamin X Evolution's is that players star as a female teacher who can enter a relationship with one of her six male students. Yes - the character with blond pigtails and a skirt is a boy. I'm positive he is a he.
It starts out fairly innocent. The lead character previously taught younger children at a ladder school, a type of school which covers all grades from elementary to high school, and occasionally even college. She's promoted to the high school devision and assigned classroom X, which is filled with troubled students. The task is to help straighten these kids out so they can actually graduate.''

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