How much of GTA IV have you finished?

Loot Ninja writes:

"Well since launch I have been able to finish roughly 17% of the game, between getting in some multiplayer and just purely exploring the city and was curious where everyone was up to and how long it has taken you to get there."

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taz80803872d ago

17 percent in 8 hours of gameplay, still a long way to go.

JsonHenry3872d ago

Played it for about 4 hours single player and maybe two hours online play. Sent it back. Just another re-hash of the series with (much!!) prettier graphics.

No thanks. Been there and done that almost ten years ago.

Timesplitter143872d ago

I've got a better question : How many lame GTA articles will we have to endure?

Real Gambler3872d ago

Yep, about 60%, and more than likely over 40 hours... Yes, I like visiting Liberty city : )

P.S.: On a 60Gig PS3 with no freeze yet. I suspect this is because I have wired internet and no RSS feed (disabled RSS since it came out).

Went online only a couple of time, but somehow, not long after the game get going, people leave the room and I end up alone : ( I know I'm good, but not that good : )

taz80803872d ago

Curious how many PS3 users have been slowed down by freezing issues

CViper3872d ago

probably the less than 1% thats actually having problems on both the 360 and the ps3.

power of Green 3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

They ignor it because no one believes the 360 has the same issue if at all as the PS3.

There's been bad disc for the 360 and has been comfirmed by my local shops because I had one of them.

360 fans keep saying PS3 because its the PS3 that has the issue. RockStar knows this thats why they only address PS3 they would say something about the 360 if there was a issue like whats on PS3 considering they know most of their sales will be coming from the 360 version.

LOL at the Sony fanboys trying to bring the 360 into this....

DomUltra3872d ago

lmfao @ power of green - your so naive buddy.

Anyway, 93-94%, finding that last 6, technically 7% finding those last few percentages irrelevant. My version hasn't froze on me, but I turned off PSN almost immediately after hearing about it.

power of Green 3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Why do you and CViper troll around making sure everybody thinks the 360 version has the same issue when it doesnt?.

First of all the 360 doesn't have PSN nor does it have to install I read this is where most of the issues stem from. Most of the PS3 issues are durring or after the first cutscene thats not the same widespread problem as a few faulty game discs on the 360 side.

mikeslemonade3872d ago

By default the 360 has more issues for any game because of the 360's faulty hardware to begin with. 360 owners just have gotten use to the machine. So what if it breaks? If a system breaks 5 times what's the difference if it breaks one more time it's still a lot? Power of Green you have become blinded just like your fellow 360 owners to thinking what Microsoft does is okay.

DevonTheDude5353872d ago

I'm 47% done and have played the game for 22 hours. The game has only froze once on me on my 60GB PS3 and as for the online multilayer issues I have had some but restarting the console fixes the online issues everytime.

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Marceles3872d ago

So far I'm at 35% in 15 hrs of play