Mobile Gaming: Who plays mobile games?

Meagan VanBurkleo writes:

''It seems inevitable that video games will infiltrate any platform with the capacity to support them, whether it's PC, console, portable or mobile – the newest of frontiers digital games are attempting to conquer. There's also no doubt that technology increases exponentially each year, and with that come new and innovative ways to play games. Mobile phones aren't excluded from this trend. With the rising popularity of smartphones and all their advanced features, mobile games are starting to seem more attractive to both consumers and developers. Despite all this, many "hardcore" gamers still don't consider mobile phones a viable gaming platform.

In the past, I've shied away from playing games on my cell phone except for 5 or 10-minute spans when no other entertainment opportunities were available. As it turns out, that's all some developers expect from us – a casual play experience. However, while that is true, other developers are simultaneously trying to give mobile gaming more credibility with innovative controls and in-depth gameplay. If one thing is true about the mobile gaming industry, it's that the industry is as diverse as the millions of cell-phone users nationwide.''

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permutated3819d ago

I play bejeweled all the time...on the toilet.