Why GTA IV Deserved the Hype and Halo 3 Didn't

Fanboys should start throwing and shouting things now so that they can get that out of the way. Because what you're about to read will probably make you more angry than a Jack Thompson tirade on video game content banning. So brace yourselves, fanboys, because it's about to get ugly for a certain green-suited, Robocop wannabe and his see-through, advanced AI sidekick.

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Time Lord3818d ago

Sit back relax and enjoy the show.

Porky Pig3818d ago

My review of GTA 4(Spoiler free)

And th-th-th-that's all folks!

sonarus3818d ago

Neither of them did imo but no point arguing over it. Its in the past forget about it. Some people seem to think GTA is the greatest game ever made and some think Halo 3 is the best game ever made. Frankly i think super rubber ducky is the best game ever made :D but that doesn't mean its for realz.

@porky good review didn't read it just checked the review score. The online is the only thing that deserves a 10 imo

kevoncox3818d ago

GTA is also on Ps3 so all fanboys can use the same game against each other.

Homicide3818d ago

Halo 3 - 640p running @ 30FPS, exclusive, flagship title for the 360. Way overhyped. Yeah, Halo 3 didn't deserve it. Timesplitters 2 is better.

dan-boy3817d ago

to give the sony fanboys a chance to sling some more mud at the halo and the 360. a crap flamebait article, man it's shameless fanboyism on here nowadays. there's like two-a-day anti-microsoft/360 threads on here now. how many sony fanboys have approval rites i hace to ask?? sh!t even stories form alexM aka shadow hearts aka sammy_mantra get approved, whilst threads from people like glad to be a gamer dont...because they're to pro 360. but where else do i go for gamer news??? tell me so i can leave and never come back!

halo was ok, but cod4 is a better fps. he only hype that halo managed to almost live upto was the on-line portion! that's it though imo. no halo single player has matched the campaign in halo combat evolved.

gta has lived upto the hype, and i'm loving it on and off-line. amazing game.

lessthanmarcus3817d ago

But Halo 3 offers the best multiplayer experience out there. (Notice I didn't say online experience) I believe it lived up to the hype, at least in my opinion.

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LaChance3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

cant you leave halo 3 and its 8 million players alone !

Nobody forced then to buy the game , by the way , they are all having fun with it.

So why all the hate ?

By the way I wonder from who all the hate is coming from ?

hmmmm... let me see ....

DomUltra3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Hype wise Halo 3 under-delivered in all categories except "Fun", but fun is subjective I hate Halo, it's nothing to do with my personal preference, the game mechanics are just pure whack and are meant for a target demographic.

All this is comparing Hype, GTA4 was severely hyped, but it delivered more promises than Halo 3 did that's for damn sure.

In the end, neither delivered the expectations for the massive hype they generated.

alexM3818d ago

GTA4 will sell 10 million in just 2 weeks after release

dont compare GAYLO3 with cartoon crappy grahics with GTA4

zapass3818d ago

8 millions is a lot of dumb asses but hey, 49 millions voted for bush twice!

dan-boy3817d ago

put up he links that show halo is 540p. if you can't, then shut your your little fanboy demented mouth you little saddo. your just gutted because the ps3 version of gta4 runs native at 640p the same as halo. is it anyones fault that your beloved system had to run gta that way? especially after all the links you posted as your other log-ins (sammy and shadow) claiming that the ps3 version was way better. it wasn't in the end, and both versions are almost identical, and again you made yourself look the idiot that you are.

get over it you pathetic little idiot.

Stubacca3817d ago

Trust me, LaChance,

You can leave halo 3 and its 8 million players alone!

Why? In a word, because they are zombies. Fanboys willing to buy up a gaming franchise not because it represented a milestone in gaming but as a super-hyped maretting exercise.

I have no hate for Halo gamers. Good on you. Salt of the earth. But Halo 3 wasn't a huge achievement, it wasn't worth the hype.

GTAIV does.

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green3818d ago

Halo 3 is a lovely game.I like the graphics, love the story and the entire universe that Bungie created.

No one should say everyone bought into the marketing hype because if they did ,people would have stopped playing it along time ago and moved on to something else.But guess what people are still playing the hell out of it making it one of the most played games on xbox live ever even after 8 months of being on store shelves.
it is a game that i have always recommended and will always recommend to a FPS fan.And guess what everyone that i have recommended the game to love's it.

If you don't like it then don't buy it.But don't hate on the game because of biased reasons.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Graphic wise you have to play the game in standard definition for it to look good, on a high definition TV Halo 3 doesn't look so great. It's like when people said they saw no difference with SD DVDs to Blu-ray Discs. The only way to know the difference is if you upgrade your TV to a 1080p HD.

As for gameplay the core of it is exactly the same which isn't bad nor good. They just added new deploying / equipment weapons to change up things and called it a day; other wise people can misstaken it for Halo 2 because most of it was taken from that game.

The jump from Halo to Halo 2 was great but the jump to Halo 2 to Halo 3 wasn't so great. I consider Halo 2 the best out of the three.

green3818d ago

thanks and bubbles up

Hercules3818d ago

i would have to disagree with you there..the number one live (and psn) game is COD4..and the number one FPS also

Breakfast3818d ago

How people call this game Halo 2.5...ill never know.

green3818d ago

I said ONE OF THE MOST PLAYED. Never did i say the most played.Read

Time_Is_On_My_Side3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

lol, the video didn't change my mind I have the game and it isn't amazing. I'm not saying it sucks but it isn't as great as most people said it was. The faces on each character look ugly and when I say ugly I mean it. The Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson's face look terrible in the cinematics.

Don't get me wrong the features of the last game was great but the news one I don't use all that much. The replay feature doesn't work like you think, forge is just a level editor which just comes down to weapons and campaign. I was a Halo fanatic until Halo 3 was released and bought a PlayStation 3. If this is what exclusive deliver I would hate multiplatforms.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune has better faces, BioShock looks better but faces look somewhat the same, Killzone 2 pre-alpha video gameplay looks better than Halo 3's final version gameplay.

What it does good in graphics:

1. shiny / metal surfaces
2. water looks decent not great (Uncharted / BioShock looks better)
3. lighting

Last but now least the story / plot is very similar to a book called "Ringworld" by Larry Niven. I was a Halo fanatic but now I'm not and never buying another one again. Halo Wars can start without me and I'm fine with that.

Ringworld HTML:

C_SoL3818d ago

GTA is still better no matter what....

snakeater33818d ago

is there a huge difference between a 1080i and a full hd 1080p lcd? i already have a philips 1080i but my mate was considering buying the full hd model....considering we re talking about 32 inchers, is the full hd worth the extra bucks ?

Time_Is_On_My_Side3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

Generally speaking if you were to compare 1080i (interlaced) with 1080p (progressive) you won't see a difference. Interlaced uses pixel by pixel to change the frame rate and progressive uses full images. In the end I say progressive can result to better and clearer images since the whole image comes at once.

So with interlaced screens a row of pixels will be changed that can mess up the focus. Like for example if someone is zooming in on something pixel by pixel the image is changing. With progressive it's the whole image changing at once resulting in clear images everytime.

In the end you won't be able to tell much difference but I prefer progressive. I choose progressive because full images come at you at a time instead of new rows of pixels.

Image Description:

This animation demonstrates the interline twitter effect. The two interlaced images use half the bandwidth of the progressive one. The interlaced scan (second from left) precisely duplicates the pixels of the progressive image (far left), but interlace causes details to twitter. Real interlaced video blurs such details to prevent twitter, as seen in the third image from the left, but such softening (or anti-aliasing) comes at the cost of resolution. A line doubler could never restore the third image to the full resolution of the progressive image. Note – Because the frame rate has been slowed down, you will notice additional flicker in simulated interlaced portions of this image (wikipedia).

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mabreu3818d ago

Yeah! GTA deserved the hype. Halo 3 is an awesome game but is one out of many great FPS for one console(x360).