GTAIV - NY Times: "A Strange City Called Home"

The New York Times writes:

"Liberty City, the pixilated playground where the action of Grand Theft Auto IV occurs, is New York City, and it is not.

The problem with G.T.A. - one that will in no way dissuade me from playing the game until my digits are raw and aching - is that the more fully you are pulled into Liberty City and the more closely you inspect it, the more you are reminded that it isn't a city at all.

The neighborhoods do not blend into one another so much as sit next to one another. The traffic varies just enough from one area to the next to convince you that a place is inhabited, but eavesdrop on a pedestrian long enough, and you'll find that he doesn't eventually go home to his wife and kids - he just keeps walking and talking in a continuous loop.

It's not the game's fault that it can't perfectly replicate the infinite variety of New York. But it sometimes comes so close to pulling off the illusion that it invites you to look for the imperfections..."

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