Wii Kiosk Video

A video showing Excite Truck being played on a Wii Kiosk.

BIadestarX6429d ago

I went to GameStop today and they had this. The wii in action. And to be honest with you, I was very, very disapointed. They didn't have the controller, so no one was playing int. It was all the game (I guess thats why I was disapointed). This game look like a launch title for the PS2. I'm not trying to start a war, so please go to gamestop and see for yourself. The graphics at least for this game are insulting.

ChickeyCantor6428d ago

its an HD. TV so maybe the wrong components?


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BadElf2622d ago

Zack and Wiki 2! Top notch game that NEEDS a sequel!

WickedLester2622d ago

I want a new Super Monkey Ball.


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