Scans - New Prince of Persia Prodigy details

Edge Magazine reveals exclusive details about the new Prince of Persia. Enjoy.

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HeroOfCows3818d ago

Well, let's hope for the best.

Cwalat3818d ago


the concept art it truly something unique...
and that comes from an artfreak like me.. :O

Frances-the-Mute3817d ago

indeed i really like the way the direction this game is going, and im glad they finally got rid of the sands because it was starting to get old imo, cant wait to see more of this :)

DarkRayneRules3817d ago

The sands might be cliche. But there's nothing like being able to take back a stupid mistake. Half the annoyance of Tomb Raider Anniversary was taking a misstep then having to do the entire area again. :( Seriously... maybe they could do something like Prey, so that when you die you come back in the same place. Replaying large levels with lots of acrobatics quickly gets irritating. I can't remember what happens when you die in POP... Anyway looking forward to this. I haven't had any POP action in ages. I hope they make the environments as gorgeous as POP 1. Loved the gardens. Assassins was sweet... but it didn't have the whole greenery thing. Oh... and the architecture. I loved POP 1 so much... I'd be happy just to have a remake of that. lol. Does anyone think this sounds like Saboteur? You know the whole going from black and white (dark) to colour (light). Meh... who cares. I'm just loving next gen so much. 8) Bring it on!

ela06sd3818d ago

i hope they still include the dual blade combat as in warrior within.....but god of war 3 will be a gazillion times better!!!



ngg123453817d ago

Cellshading at its worst. Please make realistic games again, or go back to cell shading in games like beyond good and evil. This looks like a pirates of a carribean movie based game for god sake.

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