The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is without question the most anticipated console launch game since Super Mario 64. And it's also one of the most controversial. Having jumped ship from the GameCube to the Wii (though a GameCube version is due for a quiet December 06 release), the games as well as Nintendo have caused plenty of stress, what with delays and most importantly, the Wii's new control scheme. But all of this worry is for nought. Twilight Princess is a phenomenal videogame in every respect. After having several hours to play Twilight Princess, it just might be the greatest Zelda ever made.

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BoneMagnus5376d ago

I'd reserved this game for the 'cube. I'm gonna cancel and get a Wii.

ChickeyCantor5375d ago (Edited 5375d ago )

ppl who played it for hours recommend the Wii version. and now you are convinced i think the Wii mote will be great XD

Sphinx5376d ago

...on November 19th... after a nap since I will have camped out all night.

Ichoro5375d ago

why can't they make this in full HD ... so sad being such a great game has to be played the old fashion way ... imagine this game in full HD and even better graphics (no jaggery) ... it will be heaven!!

wulfgar885375d ago

but this game doesnt need it...i think nintendos point they're stressing with the Wii is gameplay not graphics. this game certainly looks good enough for me to enjoy and with the amazing story and brand new control scheme this game will be a huge success