18 Features Windows Should Have (but Doesn't)

PCWorld writes: Some of the coolest OS features are nowhere to be found in Windows XP or Vista. Here are 18 brilliant features that Microsoft should beg for, borrow, or steal--plus tips on how you can add many of them to your PC now.

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tamd3821d ago

somebody tell microsoft about this thing
they were so much concerned with xbox 360 n start forgetting windows

drewdrakes3821d ago

Windows has almost all of those features. Number 3 is the most laughable, have they never heard of Remote Desktop?

aaquib3821d ago

Isn't it funny that OSX has over 12 of the features indicated?

Think Different.

SaiyanFury3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I looked at all those features and I don't see myself using any of them. The only one I could possibly see myself using is Expose. But then again, I'm PC savvy enough to press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to bring up my Task Manager, look at the processes running, and identify what program is what. I don't need a Mac program to hold my hand for me and show me what's running. I could also use that ISO burning program, but that's what the internet's for. How hard is it to look for freeware ISO burning software. MS software may be overbloated, but it's not very hard to hit the delete key for crying out loud.

Think Simple.
Think Minimalism.
Think Overpriced.

Erdrick3821d ago

stupid article, you can do all of those things on a pc. most haven't been embedded into windows because of monopoly laws... third party options give me options, i like the freedom to choose. macs are for stupid people rofl.

wass0073821d ago hav to copied/cloned half of these features lol!!! XD

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The story is too old to be commented.