Grand Theft Auto IV: Making a killing is the name of the game

Grand Theft Auto IV sold a record 609,000 copies in one day when it was launched in the UK this week, raking in nearly £25m for its maker, Rockstar Games. That's about twice what Hollywood can expect its first blockbuster of the year, Iron Man, to earn when it opens here this weekend Some experts are even tipping Grand Theft Auto (or GTA) IV to topple the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 movie from its perch as the entertainment title with the most first-week sales....

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LSDARBY3821d ago

Good, Iron Man is sh*t anyway. But i glad GTA is sellin well. I just wish i could get online. :(

nbsmatambo3821d ago

it already made 200M in the first weekend worldwide


PimpHandHappy3821d ago

i might just buy it on BR when it comes out.

SIX3821d ago

It was soooooo good! I liked it better than the first Spiderman, and that's saying a lot. Robert Downey nailed it out of the park. Will pick it up on BR for sure!

jones smokey3821d ago

looks like games are giving movies a tough time, just imagine if sony and ms comes together and make one super console!!!

vloeistof3821d ago

i saw iron man online was meh but it has such a cool twist after the subs so cant wait... spoiler. below.

for the advetgers or somthing

oftopic the dark knight will pwn iron man mhahahahah kill the batman

599 US Dollars3821d ago

Uhhhh, that's it? LOL. Stupid Brits. USA is the #1 market. And the USA has spoken. 360 rules, and PS3 is sh1t.

have a nice day.

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