Prince of Persia might come to the Wii

PSLegion reports: "A new Prince of Persia title has been announced for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and in a recent interview with the edge magazine, Ubisoft declared that the current title declared for the PS3 and X360 will not be ported to the Wii, however there might be a title in the works for the Wii. ..."

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Monteblanco3822d ago

At least Ubisoft concedes that their previous ports to the Wii were crap.

jinn3822d ago

it doesnt matter anymore

Perverted3822d ago

So the Wii might get yet another crappy spin-off not even close to being as good to the other current-gen versions.....Who doesn't love those?

wmc1283822d ago

the game will come to the wii cause it outsells every system and it has great 3rd party support.

wow4u3822d ago

But were talking about game sales here.

And, the Xbox 360 has the industry record attach rate of 7.5 and the Wii has something about half as much -- oh, and of those, they include two pack-ins Sports and Play.

So, lets not get too excited.

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The story is too old to be commented.