Jeremy Clarkson: GTA didn't make me want to "chop off a prostitute's head"

Writing in The Sun, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has said that playing Grand Theft Auto didn't make him feel violent.


The story was actually taken from destructiod and you can find the original story here:

My bad.

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solar3822d ago

its makes you want to run them over!

kosha3822d ago

It makes me want to run him over. God i hate Jeremy Clarkson. He is speaking a bit of sense here though

JsonHenry3822d ago

It also didn't want me to play a game where all I do is the same old same old since GTA3, only with shiny new graphics.

Had it for about two days then sent it back to gamefly.

techie3822d ago

aye like Call of Duty 4, Halo3, and every other sequel :D

Panthers3822d ago

The rag doll physics alone make me want to play this all day. Going as fast as you can and then jumpin out of your car right in front of an on comming car is hilarious.

Chuck Norris3822d ago

Maybe we should return you to Gamefly?

i_like_ff73822d ago

What jack thompson has to realize is that video games only makes certain people violent(angry german kid) but the majorty of the gamers are regular people who arent affected in anyway by the games. Thompson compares video games to lung cancer is just ridiculous. The percentage of smokers getting lung cancer and gamers turning violent is completly different.

Raven62103821d ago

jeremy clarkson not jack thompson

Vip3r3822d ago

lol, jeremy clarkson plays GTA. I'd love to play him in a race or deathmatch.


Spinner3822d ago

Stop talking about GTA and make me some new Top Gear, Jeremy.

When does S11 start?

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The story is too old to be commented.