My Wii News Countdown: The Top Five Best Looking Wii Games So Far

Ever since its launch, the Wii has experienced an accumulating amount of shovelware and Playstation 2 ports piling onto the system. This is because most companies developing for the Wii aren't trying to provide entertainment; they are only trying to make a quick buck. However, a small amount of developers (Nintendo being one of them) actually took their time to make well-fashioned games. We are starting to see software built from the ground up for the Wii, but we've just barely scratched the surface as companies like High Voltage Software are actually trying to push the limits of the Wii's hardware. Last week they showed off their Quantum3 engine that literally has people asking, "can a Wii game really look this good?" Which is exactly what we want publishers to do. My Wii News is here to present to you the top five best looking Wii games on the market right now to give the heroes out there (the good developers) a little bit of praise. Because without them, we would have nothing worth looking at.

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wass0073821d ago

Ill give you a cookie if you can gimme a top 5 best looking games coming soon lmao!!! XD

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2~bad I can't find the mp3 of it!