Demo to feature opening level, says Haze creative lead

Haze creative lead talks to about the demo next week.

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TrevorPhillips3820d ago

I cant wait to play the demo its gonna be the best :) better then that crap as demo i downloaded dark sector watta waste of mbs

Sir Ken Kutaragi3820d ago

I remember FRD's 'TimeSplitters 2' Demo they did for PS2!;-P
I must of played it 1 Billion times!;-D What a Level!;-P

Bolts3820d ago

The Dark Sector demo truely was crap. Frankly I have no idea whhy this game got any buzz at all.

Bathyj3820d ago

Dark Sector was the first Nex Gen game ever announced. Frankly I like the original SciFi concept better.

Lifendz3820d ago

it's already falling out of most peoples minds as PS3 now has a very decent library. It's coming out before MGS4, and that's a good thing, but this demo really needs to be imnpressive.

Bonsai12143820d ago

ha yeah. i probably played the siberia level of TS2 at least 50 times. each time i played it differently

DomUltra3820d ago

Dark Sector demo might not have been great, but It's definitely one of the most under rated games I've played, it's pretty intense but short experience, the demo just didn't do it justice sadly.

Mozilla893819d ago

I didnt really like the Dark Sector Demo much either I wish they would have given me a hint on how to open the first gate. I kept hitting random stuff until i did the power throwm and how do you kill the stupid boss I fought him for an hour and he didnt die! That being said I really am looking forward to this demo even though I'll not be able to get haze for a while due to GTA but if it impresses me enough I'll get it just after I get done with GTA. Free Radical has always made fun games so this should be good.

Can wait for TS4 though, now I'd really be psyched if they made that an exclusive, the map maker would be sweet!

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Apocwhen3820d ago

I think I'll pre-order this game.
Getting sick of "Host Ended Game" in COD4.

kosha3820d ago

They wait until your just about to start the game and then BAM. They quit and you have find another game.

Lifendz3820d ago

but not that sick of it where I'd stop playing COD4. Owning fools with the Sniper rifle is too much fun.

Varsarus3820d ago

Free Radical make's good games, you won't be disappointed.

spandexxking3820d ago

agreed. their games seem to be so playable no matter what they were about.

Baba19063820d ago

is the demo coming to europe to next week?

wolfehound223820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

Can't wait to see this game. Hopefully its a good game. I know the delays made some people mad, but can you imagine if they released it in November it would of got destroyed because it wasn't perfect.

Look at GTA so many issues people are pissed. Now GTA is more of a high profile game so it kind of get's a pass, but for Haze it needs to be perfect since it's it's first installment. Heres to hoping for a great game.

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The story is too old to be commented.