Planet Xbox 360 Reviews Grand Theft Auto IV

When someone mentions the word 'hype', one game comes immediately to mind, Halo 3, a title hyped up to such an extent that you had people camping outside stores up to a week before the release date. The end product received a flurry of perfect reviews from the media but the general consensus of opinion is it was a bit of a let down. In Grand Theft Auto we have a strong franchise that has existed a lot longer than the former. The quality of the preceding titles has been high and as result created quite a stir leading up to release. Normally a game of this stature is subject to delays with GTA IV keeping up the trend. Reasons aside, the game was pushed back to April 08 – originally slated for late 2007. This amongst other contributing factors only fuelled the hype machine further with gamers around the world worried about an anti-climax. With the game now available in retail outlets worldwide, do we have a case of a title finally living up to the hype?

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Rikitatsu3821d ago

Only stupid ppl gave it 10s

DevonTheDude5353821d ago

I completely disagree, a ten is justified. Tell me a next gen game that compares to the attention to the little details that Rockstar gave the game, not even Bioshock comes close. This game innovated as much as Half-life 2 did when it debuted in 04' respectfully.

permutated3821d ago

Lol devon turn in your gamer tags you're done.

GTA4 shouldn't be even mentioned in the same sentence as Bioshock, anyone who's ACTUALLY PLAYED IT would know.

Unless of course, you don't know anything about games, which might just be a possibility.

Milky3821d ago

Nice review. Only stupid people gave the graphics a ten, it looks good for the city's size but the aliasing issues, bad water effects and slightly awkward animations just dont cut it.

UltimaEnder3821d ago

They are not stupid people at all, to each his/her own opinion!

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Varsarus3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

"There are considerable frame rate drops when the action becomes intense and occasional texture popping. However this has come to be expected of the hardware limitations that hold back on Rockstar’s ambition."

Oh dear, stupid 360.

InYourMom3820d ago

Funny those same problems are also on the PS3 version. I've seen it with my own eyes.

So your attempt at an insult fails droid.

wolfehound223821d ago

Not sure if it's a 10 definatly 9.5 or higher love this game. Ya it has it's issues but it so much fun. I don't see the issue with it being similar to all the other GTA's. I don't understaind why people complain about this. If it came out and it was completly diffrent people would be angry. Great game

Ghoul3821d ago


you allways have to draw comparison between the games, and gta4 is miles ahead of the lately highest rated games, so a 98 to 100 is more then deserved for this masterpiece. gta4 is perfect by any means, it delivers in any point and is yet the best game i have ever played.

wolfehound223821d ago

Probably one of my all time favorites.

HighDefinition3821d ago

The attention to detail is distrubing.

EZCheez3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

It's really disappointing that people are having problems actually running the game, because if they could, they would agree it's definitely worthy of an almost perfect score. I would give it a perfect score though just because it really is that good of a game.

I've played this game for about 14 hours total now, and I've barely skimmed the surface of this game. I'm only 23% complete, I have yet to find a single hidden package, special jump, or flying rat. I've browsed the internet for missions only, and watched about 10 minutes of tv. I still don't even have access to all of the islands yet.

Considering everything I just said you would think I've been messing around, but I've done almost nothing but complete missions (with only a few redos) and handle relations with friends. And even the storyline and gameplay is enough to make that exciting. The depth of this game is ridiculous when you really think about it.

I just hope Rockstar gets a patch out soon so everyone can play though. The problem they have got to be having right now is figuring out what the problem actually is. I'm playing on my PS3 (the system with more problems) and I have nothing more than some graphical glitches about once every twenty minutes, and even those are minute.

Ghoul3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

totally agree EZCheez

but i didnt know we got hidden packages i thought it was replaced by the flying rats to find ??

I found 7 rats so far am at 50% and played 27 hours (only counted sp time reloads and mp arent saved in the time calc.).

and even now im stunned at what incredible game moments this game delivers.

playing on the launch 60 gig ps3 and got a freeze on a mp laoding screen sofar.

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cloud3603821d ago

GTA i dont like GTA

did they really need to put CNN and Pedos in it

they just want to get controvery and attention

i hate there evil ways. and in he end it WILLLLLLL Fail!!!

Relcom3821d ago

No one cares about your hatred for GTA. Give it a rest.

Ghoul3821d ago

your comment is pure spam

Voozi3821d ago

Because when a game has controversy and it hits the news, it sells so much more just because it's a controversy game

It's been proven so in the history of video games

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