WGB Reviews GTA: IV

WGB writes: "Its been almost a week since GTA IV hit the shelves and we have been able to play GTA IV all the time which gives us a great opportunity to review this great game.

You play as Niko Bellic, who comes into Liberty City on a ship with other Russian Immigrants. On arrival you meet your cousin Roman Bellic who is an annoying member of the family of which this great GTA story revolves around as Roman owes quite a lot of debt to nasty gangsters and Niko has to bail him out and sort things for him."

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cloud3603913d ago

it funny how all of the 10 are added staright away to neta critic

and the 9.2 , 9's dont get added

FCOLitsjustagame3913d ago (Edited 3913d ago )

Yea that is funny.

You know this is a fun game but not the funnest game I have ever played. Not only is it not the funnest, it doesn't have the best graphics, it doesn't have the best control, it doesn't have the best camera and it doesn't have the best story. It does a lot of things, a LOT of things, very well but it doesnt do the best at any of them.

I am happy that the game raised the bar a bit when it comes to amount of things that can go on and I have great faith that this will aid the games that come later be even better. I guess they will run out of rating scale for those games.

krakdol3912d ago

I disagree. The game is as close to perfection as it gets in my opinion. I see no other game which would be better as a whole.

Better graphics ? Yes, of course, but it's far easier in a FPS with less elements and in a smaller world...

Funnier and better story ? I don't know... It's extremely funny to me. But most of all, the story is very well written, and the voice acting is stellar. People even talk you hours long when you go out with them and drive the car... Attention to details is amazing.

For me, the game as a whole is clearly better than the sum of its parts. Never before had we seen such a good story in such a living world, with such good characters and so on...

The best thing for me is you really care for the hero.

For me it's definitely one the best games ever.

The Closing3913d ago

The controls still suck, the missions are still repetitive, and the graphics are still lacking.