The first 10 minutes: Gears of War

Gears of War is finally here, at least for the lucky few who got it in advance or will find it today in the US. And it doesn't disappoint, at all. And for an exceptional game, an exceptional coverage, with nothing less than 3 long videos in great quality, ready to stream from your PC to your 360.

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Antan4453d ago

im not gonna look at anymore vids now!!!!! i will bide my time till the postie drops the game through the letterbox.

willud4skins4453d ago

yup. im not gonna watch it. getting the game wed!!!

Sphinx4453d ago

My GameStop will have them in around 4pm today, and I get off of work at 5pm! Woohoo!

PS360PCROCKS4453d ago

Lol yeah no more videos, I just wanna PLAY!

General4453d ago

Omg such idiots...I can see them now like..
"Wow this game looks so damn awesome But im gonna vote lame because im scared"

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The story is too old to be commented.