Official Blizzard Store Redesigned, New Features Added

Worthplaying writes:

Blizzard unveiled a brand-new design for its Official Blizzard Store, not just overhauling the graphical appearance and navigation of the site but also incorporating several major new functions into the site, such as the Beta-Test Eligibility and the ability to download copies of Blizzard games that you have previously purchased.

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TrevorPhillips3872d ago

That is cool im heading to their site right now

TrevorPhillips3872d ago

i just visited the site and it looks good :)

TheIneffableBob3871d ago

This is awesome.
I kinda wish they'd be able to integrate themselves into Steam somehow.

Tyrael3871d ago

this makes me happy, i was waiting for that construction to finish already so i could visit the store again