N-Gage Flagship Game Full of Videogame Character Knockoffs

Nokia tells Gizmodo that Reset Generation-their new "flagship" title for the N-Gage-will appeal to those who grew up playing videogames. The multiplayer puzzle-adventure is supposed to tickle you by using parodies of characters like Mario, Link, and even Master Chief, resulting in what they call "the world's first videogame about videogames."

You can choose your hero from a swath of "legendary champions," whose ranks include a manic hedgehog, a space invader, a plumber, a bomb man, a Level 50 Elf, and some kind of Master Chief, among others. Every hero comes with a princess, and the object of the game is to rescue other players' princesses before they can rescue yours. You accomplish this task by building combo roads to other heroes' castles, firing cannons to defend your own abode from your opponents' roads, and using your special power to finally get the girl!

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