New Resistance 2 information and Images coming this month

Flowers won't be the only thing springing up in May. That's right, Insomniacs-thanks to some upcoming media events this month, expect to see several more articles on your favorite gaming websites with "Resistance 2" in the headline, complete with new images!

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jwatt3916d ago

"the game’s continually evolving control scheme" that's what I like to hear, I personaly hope the slow down the past of the game the first one was a little to fast for me.

rushbd3916d ago

I think it should be faster now. the fast one was little slow for for me.

Ace Ventura3916d ago

I dunno guys... Resistance:FOM was UBER intense at times. I don't think I would like it being too much more fast.

I think you mean maybe more variety??? There are going to be over 12 new types of enemies and will include the 12 from R1. The Cloven are also going to appear in R2 and so is the "chameleon". Which has a speak or blade or something and can use an invisibilty cloak. Sounds intense.

mikeslemonade3916d ago

I played many shooters over the past few years and Resistance 1's pace was my favorite followed by Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3. The control scheme was also perfect. The jumping is something that needs to be fixed because there's almost no advantage to jumping while you're in a gun fight.

Bolts3916d ago

No, HELL NO. The last thing this game need is to have everyone bunny hopping all the god damn map like UT3. What they should do is to make your aim be more inaccurate while in the air to discourage all those UT3 double jumping wannabes.

PSMonster213916d ago

I think the pace should stay the same. It was a perfect speed. No need to speed it up and no need to slow it down.

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Maddens Raiders3916d ago

rock. The first game is a classic and the reprise will have us all begging for more.

You know Insomniac's gonna bing it - *hard.

Bebedora3916d ago

but R:FoM was just too much fun. I am very excited about this coming title. A first day buy for sure!

Supa3916d ago

Can't hardly wait to see more from this game. Images are nice, but what we really need is gameplay footage from that May 6th demo at Sony's PlayStation Day.

OoLegendoO3916d ago

Teh first one was great and the best launch title on ps3 for me. Insomniac is just kick ass ^-^

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The story is too old to be commented.