FOX News Channel Announcer Featured in GTA IV

In a strange turn of events a familiar voice from the FOX News Channel has appeared in the game Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). One of the Network's most recognized announcers is featured in this faux political attack ad. Oddly ironic considering the nature of FOX News.

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RecSpec3821d ago

News companies are all about image, this doesn't surprise me at all.

wow4u3821d ago

Fox news is savaged in this game, right wing radio an the startship troopers in space parody "Republican Space Rangers"? Hillarious.

AscendedConservative3821d ago

Rockstar mocks both sides of the political spectrum. the PLR (spin of liberal NPR and other left wing radio shows) and WKTT (spin of conservative and other right wing radio). they need to lay off the "no sex" theme for conservatives tho... true conservatives luv sex just as much as any other person. we are, after all, just animals.

the starship troopers parody n4 mentions is actually a shot a halo and insane pro-American zealots. look at their uniforms... straight from halo.

-ascended conservative

599 US Dollars3821d ago

I saw that ad. I knew it sounded like that stupid Fox f*ck. Proves that scumbag will say anything for the right price (even promote the lies on that piece of sh1t "news" network every day of his sad life).

GTA4's got some incredible satire. It's pure genius. "Weasel News. Reporting the RIGHT news."

PopEmUp3821d ago

lefty in politic will sure love to hear this