How Grand Theft Auto IV Threatens The wii

Analysts are predicting that Take-Two Interactive Software (nasdaq: TTWO - news - people ) will make $400 million this week on sales of 6 million copies of the crime-drenched videogame. Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) is eager to exploit the game, paying $50 million in advance royalties for the right to release exclusive content online. The title also promises to revive interest in the Playstation 3 gaming console, with game critics saying the game looks sharper on Sony's (nyse: SNE - news - people ) console. But the game is a bust for Nintendo (other-otc: NTDOY.PK - news - people ): not a single copy of the game will be played on the Nintendo Wii.

Zhuk5888d ago

GTA IV is only the first nail in the coffin for the Wii as the Xbox 360 continues to gain traction against its inferior rivals. Consumers want the highest quality gaming experience possible and that's only possible on the Xbox 360

Sell your ductaped Gamecubes and Jump In

DarkSniper5888d ago

Grand Theft Auto III finally gives gamers the immersive experience they need with the superior motion controls of the SIXAXIS. With PLAYSTATION® 3 slaughtering Xbox 360 in worldwide sales and capturing the casual audience with unique, quality games. Sony has given a dire gaming market fresh air and will continue to march foward with superior GTA sales. Only PLAYSTATION® 3 gives consumers what they truly want and need in a platform.

Sell your ductaped Gamecubes and P L A Y B 3 Y O N D


kosha5888d ago

All right they might have the same graphics but the way you play the games is completly diifferent. Its motion sensing for gods sake. You cant get much more different than that

MrBii5887d ago

But in what way have they been truly utilized. Its been 1 year and a half and not one game can truly say to have taken full advantage of its controls. Not even NINTENDO games have truly taken advantage of its control. Aiming Links bow? So all that gimmick is used to aim a bow that you use once in a while?

Bro, when Nintendos biggest flagship title, Smash Brawl, is best played on a Nintendo Gamecube controller, I think thats enough said.

The wiimote is too inaccurate for mature FPS like COD4 and is only best used for mini games like wiisports. Its just not advanced enough (yet) to really take videogaming into that next step. Unfortunately for Nintendo, by the time the technology is there, Microsoft and Sony both have jumped on it. See the news about MS and Sony's motion sensing technology.

So Nintendo is running out of time. And I believe the wii is on a bubble that is going to burst by the later Q3 - Q4 of 2008.

There is simply not enough mature triple A games on the wii to keep the people interested.

kosha5887d ago (Edited 5887d ago )

ok i agree with the fact that the games on the wii havent taken full advantage of its cappabilities but at the end of your comment you said that its not keeping the people interested. If you hadnt noticed the wii is the best selling console at the moment. People dont want mature games anymore they want a game that you can have a quick blast with and then its over. They dont want deep story telling and inutive gameplay which is a real shame tbh

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ItisI5888d ago

Wasn't Halo 3 meant to be the Wii killer. And Lair. And the "fact" that the year 2007 was meant to be the Year of the PS3. I haven't seen any of this come true yet and cannot see it in the near future.

wolfehound225888d ago

Well first off they said "The title also promises to revive interest in the Playstation 3 gaming console" um pretty sure the past few months there was a ton of consols selling. Now these article are completely stupid. Now there are hardcore gamers that buy the Wii I have one, but most of the people that only have them aren't in anyway interested in GTA4. First a lot of kids own a Wii so they aren't even old enough, and on top of that older people own them and they have no interest. GTA4 is meant for men 18 - 40 and most of those guys if they own a Wii more than likely own one of the other systems or will be picking one up, so this article is completely stupid.

green5888d ago

GTA4 does not pose a treat to the wii in anyway what so ever

Denzelio5887d ago

mmmm 'treat'

Er yes well there is a tiny little negative for the Wii, unlike 360 and PS3 - Nintendo can't say they sold any additional hardware as a result of GTA 4's release.

MrBii5888d ago (Edited 5888d ago )

Dont ever say we didnt told you so. We told you so from the beginning.

No God of War, No GRAND THEFT AUTO, No Final Fantasy main series, No Metal Gear main series, no Tekken main series, no Resident Evil main series, no Gran turismo main series, no SOCOM, no resistance, no bioshock, no unreal tournament, no gears of war, no Call of Duty, no mature JRPG, no Streetfighter etc.

Games that you took for granted. But they will never appear on Nintendo wii. You get a wii. And all you get to play is Zelda remake, Mario remake, Brawl remake and Kart remake.

It is a given that major 3rd party franchises are not going to appear on the wii. So dont ever say we didnt told you so.

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