The Experiment That Failed?

Microtransactions could have been a success. Could.

EA got its hands on it, ran it in Marketplace and, frankly, they botched it.

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bung tickler4456d ago

i dont think its M$'s failure, or really that the marketplace has failed it more just some companies suck, like EA. There are good ones though like the oblivion stuff, i dont think anyone will tell you that oblivion feels lacking if you only buy the game and no addons found in the marketplace.

THWIP4456d ago

...but you can't say it's "failed", just because some developers are abusing it. Hell, EVERY good thing gets abused:
-telephones were ruined by telemarketers
-cellphones were ruined by spam, porn, and telemarketers
-the internet was ruined by scam artists, hackers, porn, spam, and forum noobs/fanboys
-television was ruined by MTV, Soaps, ER, Survivor and crappy game shows
-shop-from-home was ruined by QVC and Ron Popeil

The list goes on and on, if you want it to...but I choose to look at the positive side of those things. Microtransactions hasn't "failed"...MS just needs to lay down some better rules to govern the quality of the content.

kmis874456d ago (Edited 4456d ago )

Couldn't agree with you more, except on that Ron Popeil part. They're some of the best infomercials on the market. You're dead on when you say that the system hasn't failed though. It's way too early to say something like that.

But yeah, MS, and eventually Sony, will both need to take some measures to ensure that the system isn't abused. It would probably be better if they simultaneously imposed limits on the content that companies that ea can charge for, that way they don't have to care about pissing off EA. However, I doubt that they could work together like that. Too bad. It'll just make taking action more painful for both of them.

THWIP4456d ago must be as old as me (35). :D :(

Anyway, that was just a funny dig at the guy, because I've always found him annoying. The truth is, RONCO/Ron Popeil INVENTED shop-from-home...even if most of Ron's early inventions were 100% crap. ;)

kmis874456d ago

Actually I'm only 21, I just love to turn on the shop at home channels and watch infomercial marathons when I'm bored. It's better than most of the stuff on tv. I couldn't really care less about his inventions, I just love the way he gets so excited about his crap, and gets the audience involved, plus there's always some stupid cohost that is impressed by anything. SET IT AND FORGET IT! Classic.

Anywyas, I gotta repeat my earlier comment, and say that your post was 100% dead on. The examples you give are perfect.

highps34456d ago

No matter how you look at it, it failed miserably. People need to lay off buying from EA for a bit there company has gotten so far off creating games its not even fun playing there games anymore.

THWIP4456d ago

...your post MIGHT have a bit of merit.

But no, it HASN'T failed, and won't. It's a brand new idea, that's still in it's Alpha stage; MS will improve upon it, like they have other aspects of Live, Marketplace, and the 360 UI.

FordGTGuy4456d ago

to the creator of the content to set the price and up to the consumer to buy the content. Microsoft is only there to help the consumer get to the content.

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