PCs Go on Sale in Cuba for the First Time

Wired reports: Cubans are getting wired. The island's communist government put desktop computers on sale to the public for the first time Friday, ending a ban on PC sales as another despised restriction on daily life fell away under new President Raul Castro.

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ElementX3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Who would want to live in such a place where the government bans cell phones and computers? That's such a shame, no wonder the US has an embargo. I wouldn't want to support that sort of government. Sure it's the only thing Cubans have known, but it's a terrible situation. I say lets leave Iraq and give Cubans democracy.

Genesis53822d ago

Sure this stuff is on sell now but the average Cuban get afford any of it.

Regret3822d ago

element, dont talk trash...

NextGEN Gamers3822d ago

Why don't you try visiting a country before you trash talk it?


MicroDeath SoftStar3821d ago

element clearly your a retarded child with a zero understanding of the world around you , just because you have a cellphone doesn't make you better then others who dont . also understand that the USAs embargo was their for dirty anti communist policies to splinter Russia from the rest of the world created by the US after the second world war because America believes that only they should have the BOMB

ElementX3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

I was talking trash about communist governments, not the country of Cuba.

"A partial economic embargo was imposed by U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower on October 19, 1960, and diplomatic relations were broken on January 3, 1961—two years after Castro's rise to power."

"The embargo was codified into law in 1992 with the stated purpose of "bringing democracy to the Cuban people", and in fact is entitled the Cuban Democracy Act. "

potenquatro3821d ago

@ element. you don't get to choose were u are born.cubans don't like to be told what to do,but what can u do when they point a gun to ur head? u can always point a gun back,but they will just point more guns on u. it's wrong their gov. does this but atleast we see things changing for the better. now we get to own cuban noobs on tf2 :)
everybody wins.

Regret3821d ago

Believe me, none wants "american democracy".

ravinash3821d ago

What I wonder is how was the embargo suppose to help the people of Cuba?

ChrisGTR13820d ago

the US will never go attack cuba, there isnt any oil there.

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pitbul133822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

wow you guys are noobs have you never learnt about cuban history?! the people were actually glad the revolution happened because they were being oppressed ( the revolution was lead by Fidel Castro and Ernesto "Che" Guevara. Sure Fidel did some really bad things, and other really good things... but do you penalise the whole population (with an embargo)for a stupid leaders mistakes? NO Dumbass United Staters!
P.S. I said United Staters, because as a Canadian, I am american (from america), and i dont want to be associated to such stupid idiots as yourselves.

cpuchess3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

Yeah they were so glad that many risked their lives to escape Cuba and come to Florida?

ArduousAndy3821d ago

dude your the "stupid idiot" here
no one was being oppresed before the revolution. The revolution was to stop the corruption by the former president. However Castro and Che were socialists so they turned the country into a socialist island. Which became (ironically) an oppressive regime. They went onto kill supporters of the former president. They had soliders going door to door to make sure they citizens followed them politically if not they were to be killed. Few left the island in the 60's just before it got really bad (my family was one of them). Now there is a constant migration of Cubans leaving Cuba and coming to America. As for the Embargo. That was put in place because of communisim. Back when they were our real enemies Russia had left a stock pile of weapons in Cuba and set up an invasion plan (hence why the Bay of Pigs happened) frankly as member of a cuban family. My parents and grandparents left that island to come here. Im personally for the Embargo ask any Cuban here they will tell you that it sucks but it needs to be done to get rid of castro.

potenquatro3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

yes they were being opressed by a ultra capitalist goverment before the revolution.just like ultra capitalist BUSH is doing to the USA. but since this happened over 60 years ago,they thought comunism was a solution.they have learned it's NOT a solution and are changing their ways. but they will never go back to ultra capitalism fact USA is trying to get away from ultra cspitalism itself.that's why OBAMA talks so much about change.

edit: @above. no disrespect to ur family.but it's easy talking sh!t when ur far away not going hungry.the embargo did not get rid of FIDEL.he left himself before he died,and left millions of people dead.congratulations on ur was most succesful in killing cubans and not FIDEL.

bourner3822d ago

there is going to be an increase in porn in cuba now lol

Lucreto3822d ago

I see democracy coming to Cuba when Fidel Castro dies. Fidels brother is far more open tham some people have thought.

MicroDeath SoftStar3821d ago

democracy is just another form of dictatorship which is elected by masses of stupid drones voting for retards like Bush and Nixon

potenquatro3821d ago

comunism is an economic system not political.they have democracy in cuba,but it's tied to a comunist economy.china on the other hand,is no way near as democratic,but is alot more capitalist.but i agree with u that when fidel dies things will change.he's halfway dead and things are already changing.USA is not the biggest manufacturer anymore,so they can have capitalism without worrying about USA's intrests.i'm so happy cubans are part of the global comunity now. :)

potenquatro3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

i don't know why the disagree but.i was born and raised in the caribean and have gone to cuba many times. they celebrate elections like any democratic country and yes people have run against FIDEL and they are not dead or in prison.they are an opresive goverment ,but that can be said about many so called "progresive countries". their opening up of the market has more to do with china's rise to power than reforming the coutry itself. they are not against giving freedom to their citizens.they are against giving freedom to citizens tha use that freedom to make USA more powerful.china's raise as an economic power gives cuba the oportunity to give market freedom to cubans without having to surrender to USA's political presures.CUBANS don't hate USA,what people don't know is that in cuba SPAIN is huge,and provides alot of political presure. they can't deal with SPANISH and USA's presure because it ends up being a conflict of intrest wich might lead to war.china's aliance is good solution to their problems,without stepping in SPAIN's toes.the USSR gave huge amounts of money to cuba only to be lost.because of SPAIN's disaproval of comunism,all RUSIAN products were heavily taxed since SPAIN controlls their ports and has the goverment in their of the ways they avoided a USA invasion was by giving SPAIN, a USA ally, control of their ports.USA agreed because they knew SPAIN would never allow russians in their space.thats why USA doesn't invade them even if it's very feaseble and economically better for USA to invade CUBA.sory for the long post and getting political,but i feel the truth has to come out somehow. :)

599 US Dollars3821d ago

"But his mother had other ideas. "He'll use it for school, for learning," she said. "And besides, it's a form of healthy entertainment.""

---LOL. This old bat never heard of PORN? No one saves his allowance for two years to write some school papers.

and this is just f*cked-up. How can ANYONE, I don't care who the f*ck they are, not let people have PCs???? WTF? Did I wake-up in 1984? People without PCs or the internet..... Droids who think PS3 is better than 360... WTF... make it stop!