Having troubles with Grand Theft Auto IV on PS3? Try this fix

Some Playstation 3 owners are having difficulties starting the game or loading saved games. The fix? Deactivating the PS3's online connection.

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ASSASSYN 36o3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

1sT. No Thats too bad hope you guys get a patch this game is amazing on-line. (sinister laugh and powers up 360 for some on-line GTAIV)

MrWonderful3872d ago

ha ha hah " powers up 360 to cook breakfast" ha ha hah

PirateThom3872d ago

Funny, because I have been playing it online.

1. Sign out of PSN
2. Start game
3. Select multiplayer
4. Game will force you to sign in
5. ???
6. Profit.

HighDefinition3872d ago

Me too. It`s so good online, just running around in free mode w/friends is great.

nbsmatambo3872d ago

ha ha "powers up 360 and gets RROD"

Foliage3872d ago

I wonder when a fix will come around for the 360? At least we know where Rockstar has their priorities.

wow4u3872d ago


The Xbox 360 version doesnt have near the scale of problem as this. Odds are, the Xbox 360 problems are just bad discs (normal) -- while the widely reported PS3 is an actual *problem*, hence this frenzy to figure out what the problem is *on the PS3*.

Of course the "priority" is to fix the broken PS3 implementation, because there isnt a problem on the Xbox 360.

DomUltra3872d ago

To say there isn't a problem on the Xbox 360 is clearly being naive and we all know your a fanboy to start off, your gonna miss cheerleader practice n4.

Milky3872d ago

It use to freeze with me when I was signed into psn. I tried today and it worked. I wasnt missing anything though, I think online is sh!t.

dan-boy3872d ago

and believe me, it runs smooth as silk. no hiccups, lock ups or anything. i think it's clear now that the problem is ps3 centered.

@ nbsmatambo, you and your 7 agreers should be in the creche(open zone), which is that way----> all the other kids dwell there!

nbsmatambo3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

how is the problem PS3 centered when its obvious that both system owners are suffering the same problem -.-....

i just replied to ASSASYNS comment so dont get all pumped up lol

and FYI its only 5 disagrees =p, which is the same as u... (cant say that for ur agrees tho =D)

yanikins1113872d ago

Reinstalled and its now fine. Also deleted some old demos and stuff. No more problems. And yeah the free online thing is a gem.

P.S. Software patches are easy. Hardware patches aren't so.

Jack Meahoffer3871d ago

Only people claiming that are Sony fans trying to defend their system. The fact is the problem is a THOUSAND times worse on PS3. Like other commenters have said the 360 version problems are RARE while the PS3 version has 2 systematic issues. First the cache crashing issue and second the PSN lock up issue.

You'll say I'm lying but I do own both versions. I'm a total GTA fan and wanted to be able to play with my friends on both PSN and XBL. I've played over 20 hours single player and maybe 10 hours in multiplayer on 360 and had no problems. Maybe a couple of minor pop ups but no lock up issues.

Haven't had any cache crashes on PS3 but I've only played like 3 hours single player... Tried to get online with my PSN friends all week and it locks up everytime unless its like 1am in the morning. Tried the work arounds like logging out of PSN before launching the game... Well that one lets you get into single player atleast but soon as you fire up multiplayer from the phone it locks up again.

How many games have to launch with broken PSN functionality before you people start pointing the finger at Sony rather than the developers?

COD4 - MP broken for first week
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - MP broken for first week
Team Fortress 2 - MP broken for weeks after launch
MGSO Beta last for 2 seconds on launch day
Playstation Store update can't load images for 2 weeks after launch
GTA IV - MP broken still 6 days and counting

Why don't you refute what i've said? You can't so you'll throw out RROD and make jokes. Its plain clear as day.... OWNED

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paracardium3872d ago

I never had a problem with my ps3 version.I like how he said powered up you can hear the roar of the fans starting to spin while it's powering up lol.

MrWonderful3872d ago

well i had the issue of it not wanting to load on my 20gb or my 80gb. then i read about this in the offical ps fourm and what do ya know it worked. this really pisses me off as i bought the ltd ed. and i didnt spend that type of money to have so many issues with the game. wel at least i can plpay single player until a patch comes out.

Ric Flair3872d ago

Who is this Roody Poo ?

Whooooooo !!!!!!!!

LOFT3163872d ago

After i signed up with Rockstar social club
So then i signed out of PSN and it worked fine
And then i had to change my email on my PSN account to get it to load again when signed in and it works fine again

So my problem happened after i signed with R* Social club and the R* account wouldn't let me change my email address on there so thats why i changed it on my PSN account

Aclay3872d ago

I have the 60GB PS3 and my Online connection is always enabled when I start up GTA4 and I don't have any freezing issues or anything when starting up saved games.

And it's not like the Xbox 360 isn't having some of the same issues either.

gen16803872d ago

Are you using custom wallpaper? I disabled my wallpaper and theme and so far everything is working fine.