GTA IV for PC Release Date Leaked?

Calin Ciabai reports:

''Probably all the GTA IV fans are already playing the game on their console of choice, but we should never forget the system
that gave birth to the first Grand Theft Auto title - the personal computers. Even though Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed anything, rumors about an October release date for the game started to be heard quite a while ago. Following the console launch (which is definitely a success), Rockstar should officially confirm the PC version (if it really exists) during the coming weeks.''

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Vip3r3846d ago

I thought it'd be several months yet.

wow4u3846d ago

I wouldnt trust what "" from "" says... :)

TheMART3846d ago

Hhhhmmmmm not many PC gamers around on N4G? Or don't they like GTAIV?

Spazz3846d ago

I agree there are not that many PC gamers on this site but the PC Gaming info here is pretty good most of the time.

I have the whole GTA collection on PC and will be looking forward to this title to come out for it also.

wow4u3846d ago

No, apparently not. PC gamers tend to be a lot more mature, this site is overrun by irrational children.

DomUltra3846d ago

Kinda like yourself? Lol, this coming from the person himself who refuses to use rationale and intelligence.

Anyway, I'll be getting GTA4 for the PC hopefully they they add a lot to the graphics, very disappointed after completing GTA4.

tamd3846d ago

this should be true gta 4 will rule on pc with gr8 mods n graphic enhancement

wow4u3846d ago

GTA has been on Windows since the start of the series -- Id be suprised if it didnt end up on PC.

It seems that the developers are wisely getting the console versions launched and a the ROI started.

After we heard the number of pirated UT3 -- 40 million copies? How does R* compete with its own game "for free"?

jinn3846d ago

like anyone is getting it for PC

599 US Dollars3846d ago

u'd be surprised how many n00bs there are out there--even more than there are on PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.