Nintendo is staging Wii shortage to feed popularity hype and inflate stock

There comes a point in a console's lifespan at which it is simply ludicrous that it is not available on a day to day basis to whatever consumers should so choose to venture to their local Best Buy or Gamestop to pick one up. Such is the case of the little Nintendo Wii; it just isn't available like it should be in the U.S. That begs the question: why is Nintendo, the company behind the supposedly hysterically popular Wii console, not distributing enough consoles to satisfy U.S. demand?

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crazy250003819d ago

Ive felt the same way about the Wii. People just fall for the hype. Out of 8 Wii owners that I know, only one of them actually still plays it.

Im glad I didnt fall for the hype.

ruibing3819d ago

Out of three Wii owners I know, one sold his already for a PSP and the rest haven't bought anything beyond Wii Sports. If there is going to be another Atari crash, the Wii and EA will be responsible.

Tsalagi3819d ago

That seems to be the case around where i live too.


crazy250003819d ago

wow, that is pretty bad....I just feel bad for those people who wasted money. Especially since we're going into a recession now.

crck3819d ago

Nintendo is cheap. They have always been cheap and tight fisted with money and I hope it hurts them here. They didn't want to start up new lines of productions for fear that they would be stuck with a bunch of unsold Wiis.

poopsack3819d ago

Same here, me being one of them, I waited for Smash Bros to, but Sonic being in there wasnt all the blast I expected it to be. :(

TheExodus3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

@Tsalagi: 2 listings are at or below retail, the rest are $100+ over retail which indicates strong demand for Wii which I suspect is the exact opposite of what you were hoping to imply.

Tsalagi3819d ago

85-90% of those Wii's for sale are used so my point still stands.

Megaton3819d ago

I only know one person who still uses their Wii as well. The others have all sold them off.

rogimusprime3819d ago

is this news? we all know nintendo is leaving money on the table with this crap. Think about it, when was the last system nintendo made that people had TROUBLE getting their hands on? DS, NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, could even find that crappy virtual boy if you wanted it.

The funny thing is that there doesn't seem to be a shortage of software and peripherals available (yes, i know they aren't made the same way) My point is that they sell all these games and controllers and such and there are no systems to play it on.

It's been a year and a half...its pathetic.

Lionsguard3819d ago

Same here only one other friend has a pS3 and we play it religiously while I have 5 friends who have just the Wii and only one of them has anything else than Wii Sports (He has brawl) and he doesn't even play that..In fact they've been coming over to play GTA lately..

gaffyh3819d ago

The Wii is a great concept, but Nintendo has completely messed it up. I mean can you imagine a Wii with the graphical capability of the PS3, that would be amazing. It is obvious that Nintendo is withholding stock, remember during christmas the stock of Wii's jumped by hundreds of thousands in a day.

Voiceofreason3818d ago

Good post Tsalga.. Too bad most of those Wii are above th retail price... Odd how nobody wants a Wii yet people manage to sale them for 50 -100 above retail price.. Epic failure on your part but i am sure you will continue to act like you have a valid point.

Voiceofreason3818d ago

Yeah nobody plays the Wii at all. I dont even know how it sales th most software every month when not a single Wii owner plays anything on it..If ignorance is bliss, you must be the happiest man alive.. Oh wait you cant be too busy crying over the Wii and how its killing your PS3..If nobody plays the Wii at all then the same can be said for th PS3. After all the Wii has a 2 game attach rate over the PS3. I am not sure what world you live in where more game sales means less play time but it might be time to get professional help for your hate and come back toreality

Tsalagi3818d ago

I didn't say nobody wanted one. I was implying that some people who bought them in my area have gotten tired of them and are trying to get rid of them (even provided proof). The high demand from people who don't have one is why those people who are selling their's are selling them for more than retail. Now what was YOUR point other than being an a$$?

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Jack Bauer3819d ago

i have been starting to see Wiis in stores lately.

Homicide3819d ago

Nintendo has been shipping lots of Wii as of late for WiiFit. That is gonna sell millions, and I'm going to hate it.

Fototherapist3818d ago

actually had a few in the display case the other day. I also saw one yesterday. Either Nintendo is starting to ramp up production or the market is getting so saturated that demand is starting to wane. Either way, I haven't played mine in a couple of months. I play my PS3 regularly. Points to ponder.

gtgcoolkid3818d ago

I saw couple in target, one in best buy too.

Montrealien3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

700 000+ last month alone in NA warrants a shortage, people are buying them. Tin foil hat conspiracies are just that, tin foil hat wearing conspiracies.

Out of eight people I know 8 still play it. so? lol

crazy250003819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

It doesnt matter how many of them are sold, its the consumer that will suffer in the end.....just wasted money.

Montrealien3819d ago

says you with the crazy name...geez you talk like what you say is fact.

crazy250003819d ago

Youre talking from a Nintendo executive point of view.

Montrealien3819d ago

I'm just saying, there is no secret meeting of nintendo executives somewhere deep beneath the Nintendo Headgate planning this shortage.

You would be surprised how much bowling is done one the Wii my grandparents have in their living room, they also use it for photos. And Mario kart rocked my house last night with my 25 year old younger sister and a few of our friends, and beer.

This is my personal experience and I'm sticking to it, I am not a Nintendo executive.

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Maddens Raiders3819d ago

the Wii is the greatest console of this generation and b3yond.

Xiru3819d ago

Nice sarcasm. But funny. :)

ItisI3819d ago

If most Wii players aren't playing their wiis anymore they wouldn't be selling games by the truckload. But they are so.....

poopsack3819d ago

right... first party games that is, take No More Heroes for example, third part game, No More Copies sold. Anything on a nintendo console with mario on the cover will sell. Thats why they stick a mario in anything now.

Voiceofreason3818d ago

Wrong half of the 25 games that sold over 1 million on Wii are 3rd party games.. Time to go get some kind of clue then come back.