Console Monster: Grand Theft Auto IV Review

Console Monster writes: "There has been a lot of hype following Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV), the first step into the new generation of gaming for Rockstar. This hype has come in the form of ridiculously large promises, dramatic features, beautiful trailers and simply the fact that the previous titles were enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. Under such hype other developers have crashed and burned, however, Rockstar keep their cool and truly met demands with what can easily be titled the best Grand Theft Auto ever.

You take your first steps into Liberty City off a boat in the docks of the first island, thereby to be known as Niko, the immigrant. Niko comes across as a far darker and serious character than we have come to expect of the franchise, coming from a war ridden background which has clearly taken its toll, leaving what can best be described as a laid back killer with little to lose or care for. This however will soon all change when you see Niko develop not only the story, but himself. Niko is without a doubt the deepest and most realistic protagonist yet seen in a Grand Theft Auto game; and he certainly puts most other games to shame..."

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