Resistance 2 Demo Coming Up

An Insomniac Games employee has written in the NeoGAF boards and confirmed that a Resistance 2 demo will be present during the Sony PlayStation day on May 6, two days from now. It is likely that impressions will leak out of the press-only event, and Insomniac Union will make sure to post them when they appear.

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Harry1903873d ago

I thought they had an exclusivity deal with Gametrailers tv to show the first gameplay trailer on June 13th.

pwnsause3873d ago

its probably not going to be shown, aka under NDA until june possibly.

mephman3873d ago

Yea, people probably aren't going to be allowed to film it, etc.

gEnKiE3873d ago

well we can hope right?

Corrupt3873d ago

June 13th is the first shown GAMEPLAY trailer. J Stevenson has been taking screenshots of the game and has hinted that we will see them probably during the Sony Gamers Day.

RiseOfMonster3873d ago

They said on the podcast that there were going to be 500 journalists--how they will stop all 500 from filming is beyond me.

Sevir043872d ago

These guys are just night owls they really dont sleep. bring the PSN demo to my PS3 i'll gladly take it. I love you full Moon Crew

Bleucrunch3872d ago

I will pay to have this demo right now.

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THC CELL3873d ago

wow gears of war 1.2 has just fallen another 20000 ft from my brain

Gears what

InYourMom3873d ago

Fallen so far that you couldn't help mentioning it in a thread that makes absolutely no reference to Gears 2 at all.

Yeah, whatever.. you know you are making sense when you have PoG's girlfriend cheerleader agreeing with you.

LinuxGuru3873d ago

Pssst...I'm not his cheerleader....these are RED rings, not GREEN.


Pain3872d ago

Is what RFOM 2 will have, in Both Game and graphics.

Unlike lol Gears 2. 5v5 online , 2 more shades of color .what else?.... oh! Multi-discs!


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Fishy Fingers3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Already? Whats up with these guys, they're amazing! Killzones no where to be seen and Insomniac are dropping playable demo's already!?

That sucker better make its way to PSN mighty soon....

(KZ2 is still #1 on my list)

Harry1903873d ago

Killzone will be shown in the forthcoming Sony event.

Ace Ventura3873d ago

Killzone is probably going to have a huge unveiling at E3 again.

nbsmatambo3872d ago

All im saying is gimme both the games very soon and im happy..

and btw Insomniac rocks for giving us a demo this soon

GutZ313872d ago

I believe it is only right that I propose to insomniac, and hope they agree to making me the happiest man alive.

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