Gears of War Meta Review

Gears of War reviews are appearing every minute and instead of having one post for every review I have compiled all the posts into one.

Yahoo Games: Official Gears Of War Review!

One of the first published game reviews of Gears Of War brought to you by Yahoo Games. Enjoy! Gears a Perfect 10

Gears receives a perfect 10 from From the article:

"You can always find reasons not to give a game a review score of 10. Control issues (Gears of War has that). A.I. problems (that, too). Bad dialogue or story telling (yes on both). Linear levels, online lag, limited modes (yup, yup, and yup). But as I was playing through though the game, I found one consistently good feature: It was constantly impressing the hell out of me."

Team Xbox gives Gears of War a 9.6

Hype is an interesting part of the game industry. It seems like every time there's a big game on the horizon, its hype train gains momentum, and gamers somehow think that they can determine whether or not a game is good before they even get their hands on it. This was the case with Halo 2, the last game in the Xbox canon that was actually able to live up to the hype surrounding it. Now, as we enter the second year of the Xbox 360's life cycle, the hype has reached critical mass for another shooter, this one from the folks at Epic Studios, creators of the Unreal franchise. We've been hearing about this one for a long time now, ever since we first saw a tech demo of the vaunted Unreal Engine 3. Now, after having our way with the game for over a week, we can finally answer the question that everyone's dying to know. Is Gears of War "the Next Big Thing," or is it just another game that'll be crushed under the considerable weight of its own hype?

Gamespot reviews Gears of War: rates it 9.6

Gears of War is an outstanding technical achievement, but in addition to looking and sounding amazing, it's a seriously awesome action game. 

GEARS tears up IGN. 9.4!

IGN just released its review of Gears of War, giving it a Whoppin 9.4!

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thats an average of 9.675 which is very good

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Just finished taking off tomorrow. Can't wait to load up this game!

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You could just link directly to metacritic or gamerankings.

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