GTA under EA be the same or destroyed? writes:

"We all feared that if EA took over Take 2 they would destroy GTA forever just like they have done with takeovers in the past. I think that EA would have completely destroyed GTA by trying to make it 'their' game and just lose that GTA touch altogether. It wouldn't be GTA at all. No one can do it as good as Rockstar."

"What's your view on this? Do you think EA had the potential to destroy the GTA series by making it 'their' game?"

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TheDeadMetalhead3873d ago

If EA takes over Take Two and Rockstar then GTA is screwed! =( =( =(

Winter47th3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

If it was up to EA, they'd release GTA IV with only 3 radio stations, 2 weapon types, 3 vehicles with the same skins only different colors, make the story 85% shorter/lamer/suck assier, the rest is DLC.

cloud3603873d ago

Big companies are seen s bad. they make cr*p games and dont work hAard

Square were amazing until they merged and became massive

i will change my mind about them if FF13 is good

znu3873d ago

why ask such a self explainitory question

nbsmatambo3873d ago

They will release a GTA every year with few minor updates *cough* madden *cough*

barom3872d ago

The game will definitately be smaller and no where near as ambitious. Take Two wasn't afraid to give R* the investment they wanted. EA will be.

Hopefully R* people will leave and form a new studio (kinda like what Infinity Ward did)

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Sir Ken Kutaragi3872d ago

Well we would have GTA every year then!!! ;-D
i.e GTA 2008, GTA 2009, GTA 2010(Fifa edition!)... ;-D

Breakfast3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I know im gonna get flamed...but, ill take the plunge.

What can EA possibly do to make the game bad?

They cant milk already has been:

GTA London 1961
GTA London 1969
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
Soon, to be GTA 5

They cant do anything except put more resources into the game...which is a good thing. They're not gonna tinkle with what made the game such a high seller, and a great game overall.

I know EA is bad...i hate them as much as you do...but what can it do, to destroy GTA?

Vito_corleone3873d ago

I don't consider that milking. From my point of view milking is when u continue to make sequels to a serie that has reached it's peak, for example; The sims 2 with expansions like H&M fashion wtf?..

Imo all of those games u mentioned have all been quality .. =)

Breakfast3873d ago not denying just saying how can EA make this game bad. If its the same devs making the game.

Vito_corleone3873d ago

I certainly agree on that. Only way EA can make this serie lose it's spark would be if they gave R* limited resources and time.

Variable3873d ago

well, Rockstar made all those games great by putting a lot of time into it

EA rushes games too much (especially on PS3) and wants it on too many platforms, 2 or 3 (maximum!) is more then enough imo

Montrealien3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You should instead look at Louis Castle (co-founder of Westwood) Living the life in LA now as VP of EA LA.

You guys have to stop the hate, our industry is big and Companies are not monsters that eat little children and fight in the sky with lazers. The biggest thing they would do in GTA is brand the damn cell-phone. And they would treat the Housers like kings.

barom3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

How EA can ruin it:

1. Make us pay for new cars/characters/weapons
2. Make us pay for missions we otherwise would already have gotten
3. Make us pay for each island (Liberty City has 3 right?)
4. Won't give the dev team the resources and freedom that T2 gave (thereby making the game less immersed, like fewer animation etc)
5. Make games like Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories cost 60$
6. Let other studios create GTAs making GTA an annual series.
7. Make the dev tone the game down (to not get sued)

Honestly I wouldn't trust EA one bit. Every franchise they've touched has gone downhill. The Sims has like what? 8 expansions? Unheard of. BattleField went bad after BF2 (Bad Company looks weak mind you). Ultima franchise is basically extinct. Medal Of Honor has gone downhill all the way and have yet to climb back up. Need For Speed hasn't been all that either. And I can assure you that there are more.

Real Gambler3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

First, they would really limit the game budget... It was 100 millions for GTAIV, they would say: OK, you do the same thing with 20 millions or less. (And in likely half the time, since they would not understand the concept of taking more than one year to make a game)

Rockstar is huge, but it's like a family. Some employees would likely get out, some may end up moving into other EA positions, human ressource, accounting, would be agglomerated or layed off since they already have their own staff, still breaking Rockstar even more. (Quite often, you have couples working in the same company...)

They would ask Rockstar staff to work on other projects, screwing up GTA. For them it would be only a game like all the other ones. If they need more artist or programmers to finish Madden on time, they would simply stop GTA and put those guys on it.

Rockstar is sub contracting lots of work outside too. Suddenly, they could not do it anymore, loosing precious contacts. (They would have to use in house ressources.)

In one year, about half the orginal GTAIV staff would be gone, moved, or would have to work with strangers and became a number like everybody else. Not the best working environment.

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zonetrooper53873d ago

EA have actually made quite a few good games whether people want to see that. Do EA make crap games? well yes they do but then again alot of companies will make good and crap games, there is no prefect streak for making games.

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