Prince of Persia movie poster released

DarkZero write: "It may still be over a year away, with a current release of June 19, 2009 planned, but it seems as if Hollywood is getting into full swing, and is already getting ready to heavily promote the upcoming movie based on the Prince of Persia series

Recent details hint that the film will loosely follow The Sands of Time storyline of recent games, but will see some changes to better accommodate medium of film. The film will be directed by Mike Newell of Into the West, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Goblet of Fire and Mona Lisa Smile fame, and will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Disney will be in charge of distribution of the film.

It is rumoured that the film will make use Parkour for many of the quick paced action sequences. Hollywood already used the style to great effect in the opening scenes of the last James Bond movie, Casino Royale."

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MK_Red3819d ago

Beautiful! Sadly the background is a bit arabic but the Prince's font is really kool. Can't wait.

gaffyh3818d ago

erm...the background is Persian (Iranian) not Arabic, and Persians became Muslims so it makes sense to have a Mosque in the background. Granted the Mosque isn't using Persian architecture, but there are a lot of different styles.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33819d ago

They don't even know who is going to be in the movie yet...little premature for a movie poster, no?

MK_Red3819d ago

I see what you mean but Hollywood does this all the time. Remember the 2 year old Tekken poster? Back then that film didn't even have a producer or director. Plus, there was an official poster last year with the same font (That poster was shown at Comic-con or something) and this feels similair.

walken73819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

What a shame, to keep this nice and civil, Bruckheimer will not do a good job with this. I'm skipping it. He ruins everything he touches. Same with Michael Bay. (I did think The Rock was okay though.)

MK_Red3819d ago

Come on, I'm no Bruckheimer fan but he's not that bad. At least, not was bad as Michael Bay. At least Pirates of Caribbean was fun. I also like King Arthur.

My main grip is with the director. Seriously, why the heck did they choose him?

Defectiv3_Detectiv33819d ago

Pirates of the Carribean was so drawn out - it had its moments but it went on for too long.

King Arthur was just downright terrible. Princess Guinevere as an action hero? Not buying it.

I would have rather seen this property go to another director, but this is Disney we're talking about, Michael Bay is there go to guy.

enzobot243818d ago

I know Mike Newell is a little unknown to the masses... but you should watch Donnie Brasco before judging the guy - he's proven himself to be a great director. I think this will be a pleasant surprise.

MK_Red3818d ago

enzobot24, I know the guy. I've seen Donnie Brasco and that's exactly why I don't think he's the best choice. Sure, he's better than Bay but still, he's not the action material.

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na2ru13819d ago

because i really enjoyed the experience with PoP Sands of Time. most memorable PS2 game. It was Epic! hope they mimic the atmospheric theme well.

the second 1 sucked! smithered with grungy goth crappy theme. us gamers are not all grungers obsessed with heavy metal. way too dark as well.

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