The Crew May Be Delayed Until Fall 2014

Dylan Z of iGR reports: "Retail documents with a purported street date for The Crew suggest the title will be releasing in or around Fall 2014."

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Rob Hornecker2393d ago

With what is happing with BF4/EA/dice debacle this makes sense. The fan base for this game ( and others ) is there and a polished product is expected.

I commend UBI soft for there decision to do this.

xPhearR3dx2393d ago

They already delayed it once due to it not being ready. If they delay it again, people might start to think Ubi is second guessing their design choices.

mike32UK2393d ago

And if they were, wouldn't it be better to delay and put something out that they were confident about opposed to rushing it and potentially disappointing millions of people?

minimur122393d ago

The delay was of 1 qtr of a year, initially supposed to be in the first, its now in the second qtr. But maybe its even later now lol

ragincrinz2393d ago

this is going to be epic if its the same or better than what they have showed all ready im getting on day one.

DJ2392d ago

Best to avoid Driveclub.

Rob Hornecker2392d ago

Hmmm,I will give it a benefit of a doubt. I think there will be delays,but what we will get in the end is a better game.