MS expecting 1 million GoW sales before Christmas

In a financial report, Microsoft is said to expect 1 million copies of Gears of War before Christmas. With more than 6 million Xbox 360 owners currently, this should definately be possible.

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MissAubrey4459d ago

look at how fast Dead Rising sold.

Grown Folks Talk4459d ago

it selling that many on opening day.

S A G A T4459d ago

I doubt it -- Despite the "overhype" machine. This game is short and only 8 players online. Once this dissapointing news is realized - people will wait for something bigger - with more players; options.

THWIP4459d ago pathetic.

MS is obviously being extremely conservative here. This game will sell that many TODAY ALONE. Hell, preorders are likely well over the 1 million mark.

TheMART4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

you must have mental problems

Freaking Fony Fanboy?

Resistance will look like a Wii game compared with this beauty. COD3 will kick resistances ass even. Deal with it.

Grown Folks Talk4459d ago

that HAS been known for some time now, yet people still are looking forward to it? this uproar about 8 online is stupid. it's based on the style of play. i guess fight night sucks because it's only 2 online. there should be like 30 boxers in the ring at the same time randomly hitting people. last man standing wins. a lot of games are short, yet still good. also judging from the reviews, once you unlock the higher difficulty, it will extend your experience and challenge.

Sphinx4458d ago

You are a genius. Perfect analogy... FNR3 with 30 people in the ring... lol.

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richie007bond4459d ago

1 MILLION before christmas WHAT they will sell a lot more than that beleive me,iv never seen a game that is so sought after in my life GOW is gonna be huge and i mean HUGE,its going to break records mark my words

MoonDust4459d ago

Try 2.5 mil on the first day by Halo2.

THWIP4459d ago should be comparing Gears to Halo, not Halo 2. Halo 2 set that mark, because of the insane fanbase from Halo. ;)

DC RID3R4459d ago

for one SO young, you talk with a lot of intelligence bro.


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The story is too old to be commented.