The PS4 and Xbox One are here. Now what?

The next-generation is here, but the Xbox One and PS4 haven't drummed up a ton of note-worthy features out of the box. Elan Samuel takes a look at what game manufacturers can do to improve system launches.

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chikane2384d ago

?? We Buy the one we like and............ PLAY IT till the sun comes up.

XiSasukeUchiha2384d ago

IF u are gamer not an loyalists just play which console u perfer most even if the majority plays PS4 instead of the one

nutcase132384d ago

Isn't that what he said?

droc11232384d ago

Alex I'm gonna go with... What is play games for $200 please

jay22383d ago

Steam box takes over.

annus2383d ago

Finally, I can play all those games I've already been playing!

Gamer-402383d ago

The PS4 and Xbox One are here. Now what? Nothing.
New generations. But yet weak next-gen games. It's always this.

Merry Christmas all gamer's.

Scatpants2383d ago

Now wait for Titanfall and Infamous.

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