Is Ocarina Of Time About To Become 2nd Best?

Since it's launch in 1998, Miyamoto's masterpiece "The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time" has filled the number one spot of many "Best Game Ever" lists. But is it about to give up it's crown?

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Breakfast3817d ago

GTA 4 is not better then Ocarina of Time, in my opinion.

JoelR3817d ago

I agree.. surprisingly so but I do agree....

Amanosenpai3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

The only gta game that deserves to be compared with Ocarina of time is GTA III

IMO Ocarina of time > GTA III

fair play ^_^

Theo11303817d ago

By Bioshock, and The Half-Life game, also Team Fortress 2.

chasuk083817d ago

Dont put FPS's in the same sentence as Zelda games, ESPECIALLY ocarina of time. Its in a different league.

Theo11303817d ago

Hey I liked as much as everyone else, but for me The Half-Life Series, and Bioshock are In the Major League, while the Legend Of Zelda has been relegated to the minors for me

Leathersoup3817d ago

Ocarina of Time was okay for it's time. It was no masterpiece. I wanted to like it and I played it for some time but I never finished it.
It used Bosses and in my books that's an automatic fail.

Panthers3817d ago

I like A Link To The Past way better than Ocarina of TIme and I like GTA4 better than both and GTA3.

LJWooly3817d ago

Ocarina of time has been overrated to buggery, it's nowhere near the masterpiece some would lead you to believe. It's a good game, yes, but it got, and still gets, more praise than it deserved.

AllahAkbar3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

gta4 is good, but ocarina of time is way out of it's league ocarina of time is the best game i've ever played, it was way ahead of it's time when it first released. i don't think gta4 can even touch ocarina of time, ocarina of time was always full of adventures with so many things to do with places to explore.

sad thing is he's getting thumbs down for stating the truth by saying ocarina of time is better than gta4, i bet it's just a bunch of 14 year olds who never played ocarina of time before and think gta is everything. shoot man, he even said it was HIS opinion and yet 10 thumbs down. how sad.

PR0NE3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

I like gta but it's far from perfect or innovative, most of the 'bribed' american and european press gave their perfect score already, but now i am reading magazines where they give credit in its right place, and criticize the shortcomings of the game.
I am playing gta4, and its replay value surpass by far its competitors but the story, graphics and creativity are to be considered as its downfalls;
ok you still disagree, slash the graphics and creativity, and take alone the story, it's linear, old and boring, how can a game be perfect without a good story? don't tell me that gta isn't about the story, it also should be considered, or I can say that warhawk is the best game out there...
finally imo, there isn't the best game, it's all relative, but i like God of War the most, that badass kratos, i never enjoyed a game from the first minute till the last like this one.... and Ocarina was a great game.

KidMakeshift3817d ago

I don't think either one is special

I think Zelda: Link to The Past, and Windwaker are much better

I think I like San Andreas more than GTA4 because of the variety in environment (I'm one of those who liked the country and desert stretches between cities.

LastDance3817d ago

this is a ridiculous statement.

Ocarina of time is still played and talked about. and its 10 years later.

how about we have this convosation in 10 years huh.

Foliage3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

"GTA 4 is not better then Ocarina of Time, in my opinion."

I do agree, but then again I never believed Ocarina of Time was the best game ever either. I've played it on the 64, and I played Master Quest on the Gamecube. Final Fantasy 7, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 are easily better. Heck even Xenogears and FF8 was better, etc. There are also better games in other genres.

I don't know anyone who considers it the best game, or even the best RPG, and I am surrounded by gamers on a daily basis. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but a little too kiddy. The plot was really simple, and the characters were one-dimensional.

marionz3817d ago

why is gta getting such good scores?
sorry but i hired it out to see what all the fuss is about and to me its nothing special, the graphics are bad and almost look last gen with the horrible textures lighting and i dont know about the ps3 but the jaggies in the 360 version make the game look awefull, not to mention the pop in and framerate!
i have never been a fan of gta but come on are people giving it 10 out of 10 because of the name or because it actually deserves it?
sandbox games are boreing and the story is nothing to write home about, this game is built on hype and sad people that think titty jokes are funny.

wow4u3817d ago


"Dont put zelda in the same league as FPS"

Why? Because using a sword/range and weapons to resolve the conflict is different than fists/guns?

3rd person perspective different than first?

Your arbi9trary rules are silly. Zelda was fun -- in its day. But BioShock raises the bar for immersion and storytelling. You *felt* so much more in BioShock than most games before it. Macking grade-school rules just dont have any value when trying to discuss things such as this.

DomUltra3817d ago

I will also have to agree, I bought into the GTA4 hype, and it let me down, I'm going back to replay GTA: San Andreas, the definitive version in the GTA franchise, sorry Rockstar.

vickers5003816d ago

In my opinion, GTA IV blows Ocarina of Time out of the water. It has a way better and more complex story than OOT. I hate it when people list their opinions as "truth", AllahAkbar, that is only your opinion that OOT is better, it is not fact, so don't state it as such.

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BIoodmask3817d ago

I consider Ocarina of Time one of the games that is truly a 10. From story, game design, everything.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a very good game, but not a timeless classic like Ocarina.

Rock Bottom3817d ago

I always like A link to the past more.

JoelR3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

M.U.L.E = best ever!

almost all current gaming concepts can be traced back to this game....
(network play, multiplayer, Coop and Competitive game play)

(Wheeler Dealers might of had this distinction as it is from the same developer but only sold 50 copies! (1978))

Breakfast3817d ago

I have never played the game. But, can you truly say its the best game ever? Would you still go back and play it over Ocarina?

Just like Bloodmask said, Ocarina is a timeless classic...i recently played it in the summer...ive beaten the game countless times, and i probably not done.

It may have done alot for the genre, but that doesnt conclude to best game ever.

Note: I didnt disagree and "I agree.. surprisingly so but I do agree...." why so suprising?

JoelR3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

absolutely I would play again...
played ever year since it was created...

(and the agreement is because some times you have acted in a less then likeable manner ^_^ (of course everyone does once and while!))
(and I see someone disagreed with you Oo.... )

Breakfast3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

we grew up in a different age :)
that's probably the reason we disagree.

"and the agreement is because some times you have acted in a less then likeable manner ^_^"

Oh No! ...everyone likes

JoelR3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

absolutely... you would have to be an old computer geek like me to even have heard of MULE.

Hmm maybe it is time for a remake of it... last one was 2002 I believe
(has been remade 7 times!)

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pwnsause3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )

GTAIV doesnt deserve a 10 in my opinion it deserves more of a 9.7 or a 9.8 just because of graphics.

MK_Red3817d ago

It's already the 3rd on GameRankings! GTA4 PS3 is first, GTA4 360 is second and Ocarina is 3rd! Personally I don't think Ocarina should have been there. If anything, the best game of all time should have been either Mario 64, MGS1 or FFVIII IMO...

And now... GTA4 is THE KING.

JoelR3817d ago

VIII not VII? Oo
and mario64 as best ever....

Now see Breakfast statements like this I could not agree with LOL

Breakfast3817d ago

Its all a matter of opinion. I think FF9 was above all.

Different person, different game tastes.

MK_Red3817d ago

I just prefer VIII.

Good point Breakfast.
"Different person, different game tastes." Some like VII, you like IX and I like VIII.

Bonsai12143817d ago

gtaiv is in no way the best game ever made. its great, but its not the best. it'll never be considered a classic IMO.

cloud3603817d ago

Final Fantasy X is the best. look this is coming from an FFVII fan

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3817d ago (Edited 3817d ago )


According to metacritic GTA4 PS3 is first with 100

followed by Zelda OoT with 99

and third being GTA4 360 with 99 as well.

Don't you find it strange how two games with the same rating are still dealt 2nd and 3rd?

MK_Red3817d ago

Good call Hellbringer but the thing is that MetaCritic and GameRanking have different systems. MC uses all reviews for overall ratings but has less reviews specially for older games. GR only considers select reviews for overall but has much more reviews for oldies

Still, MetaCritic is considered the official site for movie, music and game ratings so I think you're right. GTA4 is first, Ocarina is 2nd and again, GTA4 is 3rd. lol.

wow4u3817d ago

Id prefer Zelda over any of the FF games.

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