Apple's Safari, Mozilla's Firefox lose market share

Gregg Keizer reports:

'' Apple Inc.'s ploy to gain browser market share by pushing Safari to users with an update tool normally used for security fixes failed to boost its overall share, a Web metrics company said yesterday.

Instead, Safari's share fell last month to 5.5%, down from March's 5.8%, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer increased its dominance by growing to 76% from March's 74.8%. It was the first time Internet Explorer (IE) gained share since October 2007.

In late March, Apple started using its Windows software update tool -- previously used only to provide patches for iTunes and QuickTime -- to offer Safari 3.1 to users who did not have the browser already installed. The tactic got the attention of, among others, Mozilla Corp. CEO John Lilly, who blasted Apple for using the security updater to push Safari.''

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Kakkoii3822d ago

Sneaky tactic, to bad it's going to be short lived tho.

It's a very tiny increase in market share. And may only go up a bit more.

Firefox still dominates, and will dominate over Safari for a long time. The fanbase behind Firefox isn't something Safari can take away.