Console Monster: Mr Driller Online Mini-Review

Console Monster writes: "There is definitely no shortage of brick based puzzle games on the Xbox LIVE Arcade, and we only seem to be getting more. This makes deciding which one to buy quite a task. Is the latest addition to the genre worthy of your precious Microsoft Points? Read on to find out.

For those of you not familiar with the background of the Mr Driller series of games, here is a quick history lesson. The drilling gameplay mechanic began back in arcades back in 1982 with the introduction of Dig Dug. The star of Dig Dug is Taizo Hori, who is the father of Susumu Hori, who is carrying on the family business of drilling in Mr Driller.

Mr Driller Online is the latest in the series of games, and whilst the gameplay remains a fairly solid formula, the game is ultimately let down by far too many issues.

The gameplay in Mr Driller Online should be instantly familiar to anyone who has played any of the previous games in the series, and for those who haven't, it's a breeze to pick up. The basic premise is that you have to drill down to your objective height, without running out of air or being crushed by falling blocks. To do this you are equipped with a trusty drill which you use to drill through the various coloured blocks, and along the way you will find air canisters which will replenish your air supply..."

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