Early access games: a positive step for the industry?

Games in Asia: "Thanks to the Steam sale, I was reviewing my game wishlist today and I had a realization: PC gamers have become inundated with early access alpha games. Perhaps it’s just the genres that I’m interested in, but on the building-stuff-in-space front I’ve got Space Engineers, StarForge, and Starbase DF-9, all early-access games. On the survival-with-monsters front, I’m interested in Rust, Nether, and of course I’ve already picked up DayZ.

The availability of Steam Greenlight and other avenues for releasing alpha and early beta games has really changed the tools available to developers over the past year or so. In combination with the rise of crowd-sourcing, early access channels have given developers quicker access to cash infusions, and gamers more hands-on time with the games they’re interested in."

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