Rogue Legacy: Talkingship's Games of the Year

Fisherman writes: "If an alien from outer space came down to Earth and asked me what a video game was, I would show them Rogue Legacy.

On its face, Rogue Legacy is a simple 2D platformer. Not unlike Castlevania, the player progresses through a castle, fighting his or her way through room after room before engaging a series of bosses, leading to a final encounter with a mysterious omnipotent enemy. It doesn’t include an all-star voice cast, overproduced cutscenes, or the latest track from Eminem. It is purely and unapologetically a video game. And it might just be my favorite game of 2013."

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Vanfernal2394d ago

This game brought me back to the frustrating and infuriating days of my youth when I used to play the likes of Ghosts N Goblins and Ninja Gaiden. I was consistently raging and slamming my controller against the floor but the game still managed to make me play the to the very end. When all is said and done, the satisfaction of beating such a hard game made it worth it and I feel like I overcame a huge obstacle. I must say as an old school gamer, this is what a great game is all about.