AdventureClassicGaming reviews Overclocked:A History of Violence (5/5)

Mervyn Graham reports:

''House of Tales has created a sure winner with the release of its adventure game Overclocked (also known as Overclocked: A History of Violence). This interactive psychological thriller combines a masterful plot, superb graphics, challenging puzzles, and a score of creepy, suspenseful, and haunting music. The game explores the abstract concept of justifiable violence through the minds of 5 mentally disturbed patients in an asylum and the eyes of their treating psychologist who analyzes their memories and illusions through flashbacks, dreams, and hypnosis. Overclocked is a retelling of these 2 stories that run parallel to each other but ultimately converge to meet at their final conclusion.

Overclocked is also a story about grand conspiracies, brainwashing, secret projects, and government cover-ups. All the characters in the game are believable, and together they weave a complex tale of mistrust, secrecy, and behind the scenes shady deals. Until you get deeply into the game, you (or your character) will not know who to trust-whether it be your attorney and best friend, your wife, the NYPD specialist detective, or the doctor and nurse with whom you work at the asylum.''

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Kakkoii3872d ago

Yeah, I played this game a bit so far and i've enjoyed it.

It's nice to see this style of gameplay made again. Reminds me of years and years ago when these types of games were quite prevalent.