Game of the Year Award: 2013 Edition

You’re not meant to, but as a games journalist, it’s easy to have a few preconceived notions as to which games will be in the running for the GOTY award even at the start of the year. You can try to be objective, to give every game the same mental blank state when you start it, but knowledge of a developer’s past, a series’ scores and a title’s ambition will draw you towards certain games.

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kayoss2772d ago

Have you tried playing TLOU on survivor mode? I'm getting my butt handed to me. I barely beat the game on hard mode.

jebabcock2772d ago

I do have to question why xbox 360 was tagged on this article.

Morbius4202772d ago

To make 360 owners jealous (I know I was). Now after buying a PS3 this weekend I can experience it for myself as well as many other games.

SynestheticRoar2772d ago

I wonder how awesome the next one will be on the PS4.

VsAssassin2772d ago

This game truly deserves all the AotY awards it's been getting. This really makes me even more stoked for ND's next project aside from Uncharted 4!

unjust752772d ago

great game, but really no replay value

DigitalRaptor2772d ago

In what conceivable sense does it have no replay value?

kayoss2772d ago

Hard mode and Survivor mode would like a word with you. I'm playing survivor mode right now and Its insanely difficult.

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