Killzone Shadowfall sells 1 million copies worldwide And Dead Rising Sells 600,000

Insiderp :"Yes folks! We have the numbers . Killzone : Shadowfall - Guerilla's PS4 launch title has sold over 1 million copies worldwide*. The number is brought to you courtesy of NPD, GFK and independent trackers in Asia."

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Abash3378d ago

Damn it's going to have some nice sales legs

badboy7763378d ago

"Ba Da Ba Da Da i'm lovin it!!!"

BluEx6103377d ago

Bought this game thinking it would be meh, boy was I wrong. Game is actually my favorite shooter to play at the moment. And I'm a big BF4 fan.

Here are some of my gameplay. Enjoy =)

hulk_bash19873377d ago

I love this game, can't stop playing the MP. It's just so addicting. Glad to hear that it's doing well sales wise.

Hatsune-Miku3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Killzone shadow fall is my favourite nextgen game and its just a properly made game that demonstrates the power of the ps4. i cant imagine how amazing killzone 5 orthe next killzone will look on ps4. Im hoping killzone shadow fall goes on to be the most successful killzone title ever

badz1493377d ago

got the KZSF bundle myself and I'm loving the MP! I have only played a little bit of the SP and then tried the offline botzone. I think it was fun and I jumped into the MP to test the water. before I know it, I've spent 5 hours! holy hell the MP is fun!!

abzdine3377d ago

that's cool!
now i'm lookiing forward to the bunch of DLCs they promised.

vigilante_man3377d ago

Amazing figures considering 3 things:

1) Only 2-3 million PS4s out there
2) Up against COD
3) Up against BF4

Glad GG decided to back Sony with developing a launch title. They deserve all the success they get considering they try their very best with each game.

Really amazing sales figures for an exclusive launch title.

ThanatosDMC3377d ago

I still havent even opened my KZ:SF game from it's plastic packaging.

Gamer19823377d ago

Well two things.
1. One is a shooter which sell more generally as the casual crowd buy shooters. It's why COD and BF sell so many freaking copies each year and
2. Ones on PS4 which has sold more consoles worldwide.

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dedicatedtogamers3377d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up "rebooting" the popularity of the series since a lot of people who've never played KZ will probably try this one out with their nice new PS4.

That's a good thing, too. This - and Mercenary - are the two best KZ games in the series, IMO.

Pintheshadows3377d ago

I think KZSF feels more like a natural successor to the first game from a gameplay perspective. I really enjoy it.

Pogmathoin3377d ago

Yes, this may well be the KZ game that hits the heights the originals never really achieved. They were great games, but maybe tried too hard. Maybe it was pushed to hard as the Halo killer, rather than being pushed as the game it was, without having to be compared to the other game... Great to see it sell so many, considering the base is new.

0ut1awed3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Nothing will ever top KZ 2 imo. Shadow Fall is good but definatly not a forerunner in the franchise (again, imo).

Just something about that infamous KZ 2 2005 e3 trailer that everyone criticized saying it would never look like that. I waited patiently for years knowing that they would deliver and they did.

By far my favorite multiplayer title of last gen.

I will admit that Mercenary is a fantastic Vita game though. Probably my favorite besides Tearaway.

Outside_ofthe_Box3377d ago

Killzone 2 is still the best to me (multiplayer-wise anyway) IMO.

If the sales numbers are true, Shadow Fall has near a 50% attach rate. So much for a franchise that "nobody cares about" like some where claiming.

Soldierone3377d ago

I don't think it will reboot, thats why they got rid of numbers on it. Its just Shadow Fall and not Killzone 4.

The next one will just have a name like that or be called Shadow Fall 2.

BelkingOfSony3377d ago

it is a shame that mercenary hasn't sold as much as shadowfall despite being a psvita game. mercenary is fantastic, a masterpiece of a handheld game, imo the multiplayer is better than shadowfall's multiplayer, and i hope more people buy mercenary during the holidays and when the two new maps get released in an update because it is what guerilla deserve.

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dasbeer883377d ago

Imagine if GG rebelled against these sales numbers like how Ninja Theory raged about Heavenly Sword's sales.

Minato-Namikaze3377d ago

And then have each of you next projects sell less and less. NT are a bunch of fools.

come_bom3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Just shows how ignorant fanboys are... have no idea how a business works.

Ninja Theory didn't make money on Heavenly Sword's sales. Do you expect them to be be happy with it's 1+ million sales ?

GDDR6_20143377d ago

So.. Why are only 2000 people playing mp when 20x more people are playing cod or bf4? People buy this game for the campaign?

NeoTribe3376d ago

Because its not as fun as cod or bf4 lol. Your in a pro killzone article, its gonna be nothing but posative spin in here. Im a huge sony fan but ill be honest about my opinion. I havnt even beat killzone sf yet because it came out at the same time as bf4, which is a much better game. Killzone sf reminds me way to much of a crytek game. Gorgeous to look at but not much fun. The game feels like nothing more than a full length tech demo. Its a 6/10 game. Thats an honest score for it. You ask any of these foaming at the mouth sony ponys and they will say its "BEST GAME EVER" COD KILLER, 10/10!

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lastofgen3378d ago

It's always great to hit that 1 million milestone.
Congrats, gg! :)

TheDarpaChief3377d ago

wonder what the greatest hits ver. is going to look like

The_Truth_24_73377d ago

It's going to look the same. They aren't going to overhaul the graphics just for the Greatest Hits.


I think he meant the game case for greatest hits. I could be wrong though.

unjust753377d ago

Why hasn't this game sold more? I mean it's not like there's a boat load of titles available.

KonsoruMasuta3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Considering the install base right now, this game has done more than exceptionally well.

unjust753377d ago

The install base is low, but I believe that everyone who had bought this system should have bought this game, I did. I looks and play amazing.So roughly out of the 2.3 million PS4 owners only a million bought this game? do you see what I'm saying?

dragon823377d ago

Ever stop to think that not everyone who bought a PS4 like shooters?

DonMingos3377d ago

Those are NPD, numbers, wich means it's North America only, but you also have to take in to account that this title is competing directly against COD and BF4.

thehitman3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Its the highest selling next-gen exclusive title. Not sure how much more you want from it. To put the numbers in a much higher perspective Sony claims to have sold about 2.1m PS4s at the start of December. That means if Sony sold another 1mil by the end of the year for every 3 PS4s out there 1 is a owner of KZ:SF.

Edit: Also I forgot to add its directly competing against CoD and BF4.

unjust753377d ago

BF4 is a broken mess of a game. EA should fix this problem by porting Titanfall to PS4.

MRMagoo1233377d ago

there isn't that many Ps4s in homes yet, lets just guess that the Ps4 is at 3 million sales , out of those 3 million maybe 2 million like fps games in general, then you factor in that some of those ppl might not like the style of shooter killzone is , so they pick up BF4 or COD, look at it like that and 1 million is a lot of sales for a console base of guessed 3 million.

hkgamer3377d ago

you forgot that the people who bought PS3 cod may have took the upgrade to PS4 for cheap price... which means that Killzone wasn't really competing with COD.

LeCreuset3377d ago

That's about a 50% attach rate. You can't really ask for more than that.

GribbleGrunger3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

It's actually a little under because the PS4 has sold 2.4 million (still waiting for last weeks numbers which should push it to around 3 million) but even if it turns out to be 1/3 that is incredible!

snp3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

A million copies on an install base of just a few million isn't enough? Sheesh. Add in the fact that this particular genre it's competing with one monster game - Cod - and one fairly huge game - Battlefield - all released simultaneously and i'd say it's done better than anyone's best hopes.

NukaCola3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

1 million is great on a new install base.

Sevir3377d ago

Really! With stiff competition from both BF4 and COD ghost? The PS4 has Sold over 2.1 million, probably close to 3 million by now, which means about 38%-40% of the install base own it. That's mighty fine

Best selling Next Gen Exclusive confirmed .

NeloAnjelo3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

People are buying BF and COD as the popular choice... KZ has always been niche... However considering the PS4 last sales annoucement, this game has sold well considering the install base.

I have always preferred KZ multiplayer from the switching objectives, custom modes, no aim assit, classes, and the overall heavy feel of the weapons.

BABY-JEDI3377d ago

Why hasn't this game sold more? Was it certain bad reviews? Is it because not all gamers are into FPS? Is it because other folks have decided to purchase BF or CoD?
Either way, I've purchased Shadow Fall & well done GG you deserve the success.

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staticdash223377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

First next gen game to hit 1 million sold. Congrats to Guerrilla Games for persevering through the tough criticism of the killzone franchise.

Can't wait for their new IP because that will such a great opportunity for a fresh start.

Kevlar0093377d ago

New Super Mario Bros U has sold over 2 million. Oh wait, I forgot, we aren't calling WiiU next-gen (despite being stronger than last gen with it's own special capabilities not seen last gen)

GribbleGrunger3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

Don't blame staticdash22 for having that perception, blame Nintendo for their lack of foresight.