Nintendo Wii U bounces back with new games and lower price

One of the UK's largest news papers The Daily Star Sunday say - "AT HALF the price of the new PS4 and Xbox One the Nintendo Wii U is making a comeback"

PARENTS are getting ear ache from kids desperate to get their hands on the new Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles this Christmas. But with both costing upwards of £350 before you even buy a game, many cash-strapped Brits are struggling to justify shelling out for either. There is an alternative that will keep the whole family happy this festive season.

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darkstar182861d ago

couldn't agree more with this, and there is more coming next year lol. 2014 is gonna be great for wii u owners ;)

cyguration2861d ago

Yup, Nintendo is really getting it done. They will own 2014 for sure.

MsmackyM2861d ago

Honestly, the Wii U is the best console to buy in 2014 if you already have a PS3 or 360. Personally I've bought a PS4 as well but it's just collecting dust until Infamous Second Son comes out.

The Wii U maybe struggling with third parties for a variety of reasons, but it's fits first party lineup is second to none, and 2014 is going to be a great year for content you can only find on the Wii U.

As for the PS4 and Xbox One, I highly doubt there will be too many people that will buy both consoles since they are very similar and require subscription service to play online. I see the Xbox One losing out this generation because of it's price point and shared exclusives among the 360 and PC.

Shnazzyone2861d ago

Absolutely, it's THE console to get while the other consoles go through their first year dry spells. It's got a good library. It's still more powerful than last gen. Still let's you play all your wii stuff.

All that and less than the competitors.

deafdani2861d ago

Of you like Nintendo-styled games in general, then yes, it's very worth it. It already has a lot of good games in that style available now.

Otherwise, you're better off with your 360 or PS3, and waiting a bit until the PS4 and One build up on their game libraries.

indysurfn2861d ago

Wiiu and PS4 for me this Generation. Wiiu already has more JRPG's that I want to play than xbox 360 has.

Knushwood Butt2861d ago

Read's like an advertisement. I wonder how much Nintendo put in the Daily Star's stocking?

AsimLeonheart2861d ago

There is nothing in the article to back up the title. I thought Wii U saw some significant sales spike in the UK. UK is Wii U's weakest market and the author is trying to convince us that it is bouncing back. Looks like a desperate attempt at positive PR. Instead of doom and gloom like everyone else they decided to do a puppies and sunshine article.

grassyknoll2861d ago

The Daily Star is the UK's edition of The National Enquirer. With boobs.

Stringerbell2861d ago

ha it's like if Nuts decided to get a foreign correspondent just for the lulz. That is the Daily Star.

grassyknoll2860d ago

I'm not sure how anyone can disagree! They have stories about people turning into fish fingers & alien abductions.

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The story is too old to be commented.