Joystiq Impressions: Multiplatform games on Sixaxis

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Need for Speed: Carbon, and Tony Hawk's Project 8 are being littered across every current console in addition to the next-gen systems. (Wii gets Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam instead of Project 8, however.) While you can now buy these games for the fad-lacking, buttons-and-thumbstick systems, the titles are being tuned for Wii and PS3 motion-sensitive controls. At the Sony Gamer's Day last month, we saw how the three games use the Sixaxis controller.

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THWIP4454d ago

- M:UA has been out for over a week now for the 360, and I, like many others, already beat it. The Live play is excellent (Hmmmm...I wonder what the PS3 and Wii versions will have) and the graphics are top-notch

- Tony Hawk: Project 8 is far superior to TH:DJ....and has Live play. Of course, TH:P8 for PS3 DOESN'T HAVE online play....PERIOD.

- NFS:Carbon will be best played on the 360, with the new wireless wheel. How stupid will you look twisting your little controller around in mid-air, pretending it's a steering wheel? Pretty-damn-stupid.

Arkham4454d ago

Stop spamming every non-360 thread.

Razzy4454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

Its amazing how the X-bots turn evey bit of PS3 news into a 360 vs PS3 war. F**K the 360!!!

kmis874454d ago

Like 8 years ago, rumble was a "gimmick." Eventually it became an industry standard (except on ps3 for the moment). If Nintendo and Sony pull off rumble, then it will become an industry standard. It's obviously best suited for games like Warhawk, or Lair, but Tony Hawk seems to be doing a good job integrating it, esecially for a launch title. Keep watching how it's used over the next year or so to get a better grip on whether motion sensing controllers will become a standard for all consoles next generation.

And why did you feel the need to make it a 360 vs. ps3 argument? It's about motion sensing in ps3 games, not about the 360 versions of the same game.

THWIP4454d ago

"While you can now buy these games for the fad-lacking, buttons-and-thumbstick systems, the titles are being tuned for Wii and PS3 motion-sensitive controls"

Now, what other next-gen system do you suppose that's referring to?
The thing is, Nintendo and Sony will CONSTANTLY be pushing the motion-sensitive functionality in their versions of multiplatform games, and pointing at the 360 as somehow being inferior.
I'm simply pointing out how this "new" technology (which is actually about 10 years old), will be largely insignificant to gaming. The Wii will do much better with it's controller, because it much more versatility than the SuxasseS...but then the Wii is really just a GC with a few new tricks.

andy capps4454d ago

Not too impressed with the Wii in my hands on time with Wii Boxing. I've said it before, but on that game, I was wanting to just have a game pad that wasn't so finnicky. Couldn't get it to do anything. I think PS3 has the best situation as they have motion sensing, and they have regular controls. If one doesn't work out or if someone doesn't like the tilt features, they use the analog sticks. Nintendo doesn't have that option.

THWIP4454d ago the point-and-click aspect, that can emulate the accuracy of a mouse. I hate PC gaming, because of the keyboard, but I admit the mouse makes aiming MUCH quicker and easier than with a thumbstick. But the motion technology just isn't quite there yet....maybe 5-10 years away from being what's it's intended/advertised to be. MS had their version of the SixaxiS for PC, about 10 years ago...and it didn't sell well. The technology really hasn't advanced much beyond that since. The 3-D spatial-awareness technology is still very new, and MS was wise to not commit 100% to anything with the 360. The camera will allow them to test the waters, and they can decide to add new functions/control schemes later, or wait until the next console, 4-5 years later.

DJ4453d ago

of someone playing Project 8 with the Sixaxis, and it actually looked pretty intuitive and fun. Luckily not all of the sixaxis motion controls are forced onto us, but I'm glad that even multiplatform titles are experimenting with Sony's tech.