Will Nintendo Attempt to Rebrand its Dying Wii U Console?

The Wii U has been struggling ever since the end of the launch rush period in 2012. The console managed to sell less than a million in the next 9 month...GLOBALLY, even with high quality exclusives being released. All hopes for the consoles future were pinned on its second holiday season performance. The latest Mario game, SM3DW, received universal critical acclaim and was expected to revive the Wii U this November. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be as far as the US is concerned as the console sold a paltry figure as compared to its competitors, even with a much better games lineup. Furthermore, SM3DW did not manage to make even the top 10 list of the games sold in the month. So what does does the future holds for the Wii U now?

Klad3826d ago

Another Doom & Gloom article, Moving on...

mii-gamer3826d ago

a motley fool article nothing to see here.

Gamer783826d ago

Yep Mario didn't have historical sales figures for the 8 days that it was out in November. The system is definitely a failure, smh. These articles are becoming more desperate it seems. There are more games coming in the next few months that will further the momentum that has already started with the end of November. The Wii U will sell just fine especially considering there are no new games coming for PS4 or Xbox One. We can only wait and see.

Donjune3826d ago

Have to agree.. Enough already!

Realplaya3826d ago

I guess when you are doing better than before your dying.

Chrischi19883825d ago

Yeah, thats a common law you learn, when you study international business or other business related major.

Articles like that become more and more desperate to downplay the Wii U. Just so if somebody, who is not informed well enough, reads those headlines about Nintendo being doomed all the time, will surely scare away potential customers...

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Nintendo, Xbox, And PlayStation Have All Now Abandoned Twitter/X Integration

The latest Switch firmware update kills off support for the Elon Musk-owned social media company.

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Jin_Sakai1d 21h ago

Could care less. I use consoles to play games not for social media.

Cacabunga1d 7h ago

Social garbage should be abandoned altogether.. the world is stupid since these things got introduced

senorfartcushion1d 6h ago

I would say YouTube was more to blame for this weird unrest we are seeing at the minute. That platform has given license to some of the stupidest people to build advice channels for kids growing through their formative learning years. It's no wonder there are so many incels around.

z2g1d 4h ago

The world was stupid before that. Social media just let you see it.

10h ago
z2g1d 4h ago

It’s for posting content like game captures, not responding to your boo’s pool pictures.

But F twitter anyway

CrashMania1d 21h ago

And nothing of value was lost, that site is a cesspit.

purple1011d 19h ago (Edited 1d 19h ago )

correction, was a cesspit,

now more of just a swamp / everglades / marshland

gold_drake1d 17h ago

not sure who actually used it in the first placd

Vithar1d 7h ago

Good, Twitter is getting worst than 4chan