PS4 Weekly Deals: Call of Duty Ghosts/Knack/Lego Marvel Super Heroes $39.99, B1G1 30% Off and more

PS4 weekly deals from Amazon, Groupon, Frys, and Toys R Us.

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edgarohickman2778d ago

BF4 or Call of Duty: Ghosts? With all the errors BF4 has, is it still better choice than Ghosts?

Apollo12778d ago

I got both games, BF4 has a lot of errors but is better for multiplayer gameplay.

KratosSaveUs2778d ago

I got both and in the end they both suck so its pretty much a lose lose situation.

Sarobi2778d ago

My brother has been playing a lot of BF4 and doesn't seem to be complaining about it so.. yeah

Insomnia_842778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

Most of the problems are on Xbox One and PC. The only problem now on PS4 is when it crashes and take you back to the UI and it rarely happens now to me.

I'm getting Ghosts now. $39.99 is what that game is worth.

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timothyckeegan2778d ago

NBA Live 14 is also for $39.99, though I heard that it is a very bad game.

Apollo12778d ago

Never buy this game, NBA2K14 is way better.

KratosSaveUs2778d ago

Too bad I'm broke until I get my Christmas money.